37 years of innovation: Happy Birthday Technogym

37 birthday candles. For those who started out in those years, the Technogym's adventure seems like a blink. Everything took place in a garage in Calisese, nearby Cesena, when a young man of just 22 years old, full of enthusiasm and with lots of dreams designed and built piece after piece the very first gym equipment that made the history of fitness first, and of Wellness later.
That young man is Nerio Alessandri, supported by his brother Pierluigi and a small team of people, most of whom still work in the company.

If it is true that every large company was born from the vision of an entrepreneur, at the same time the people that are chosen are the most important resource to enable him to achieve that vision.

It is with the Hack Squat, which allowed to perform squats in a safely and guided way, that Technogym was born in 1983. A company that owes its name to Alessandri's passion for technology (techno) and for sport (gym). Since the very first models, all the machines have been the synthesis of technology and style, functionality and efficiency, creativity and design – combinations that are well-known as Made in Italy.
Therefore, if Nerio Alessandri's dream was to move the world, today we can say that that dream has become reality. Today 50 million people in 100 countries train with Technogym’s equipment in 80 thousand wellness centers and from 400.000 private homes around the world.

Great sporting achievements

Technogym stands out for its innovation in the field of biomechanics to allow natural, safe and affordable movements for everyone, from the neophyte of gyms to professional athletes, across different sports like football and Formula 1 since the late 1980s. Anyone in Italy can remember the achievements of A.C. Milan, the football team which dominated the world in those years.
Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher also chose Technogym's equipment to train in a completely innovative way. Results on the tracks and in the football fields were outstanding. Then, came the time of the big global events such as the Italia '90 World Cup, with the awareness that the initial dream conceived in the garage was actually changing people's lifestyles.

Challenge and power: Wellness combined with technology

From fitness to wellness is not a short step, that's something visionary. In the early 90s Alessandri launched a new vision of wellness, a lifestyle that focuses on regular exercise, healthy eating and positive mental balance. This is profoundly Italian way of life, with its roots deep in the ancient Roman saying of “mens sana in corpore sano”. Wellness includes fitness, sport and health and is addressed to everyone, at different times and in different stages of life: from those who want to feel fit to those looking for fun and socialization, from those who want to improve their athletic performance to those who are more interested in health and prevention.
Technology and electronics completed the revolution as real vehicles of the turning point towards a conscious approach to movement. In 1990 Technogym invented the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system, and thanks to it, for the first time in history, the intensity of training was determined by the user's heart rate. In the ferment of the nineties, after launching the concept of Wellness, Technogym created the first cloud software in the fitness field: the Wellness System (1996), a portable key ("wearable" we would say today) which was the first-ever solution to manage training through a personal device. The Technogym Key allows to activate the equipment and keep track of the fitness programs and training data of each user.

The Olympic dream becomes reality

Technogym's growth becomes a non-stop race, each milestone burns the previous ones at a surprising pace and speed. At the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sydney 2000, Technogym is appointed as the official Olympic supplier and champions from all over the world train in the 6 gyms in the Olympic Village and in the main facilities fully equipped with Technogym’s solutions. Since then Technogym has never missed an Olympic appointment: Athens (2004), Beijing (2008), London (2012), Rio (2016) and the next Tokyo (2020).
Thanks to sport and top-level athletes connection, the Technogym Research & Development Centre (the company's pride and joy) has been able to observe the performance of many athletes (the most important of whom have become brand ambassadors) in order to level up the equipment's performances.

The new millennium: connected and trained everywhere in the world

Step by step the Wellness TV (2002), the first TV integrated in fitness equipment and Visioweb (2007), the first example of sports equipment connected to the web, marked a revolution that opened the doors to new, exciting possibilities to experience Wellness. Another milestone in the tech field is mywellness cloud (2012), the first cloud platform built in the fitness industry. Mywellness offers users the possibility to access their personal programs anywhere at any time, while allowing operators to connect with their customers, inside and outside the gym.
Technology is part of the training experience and allows people to stay fit in a new and fun way with the devices we use every day. Today the new frontier is Technogym Live, the ultimate on- digital user interface providing a fully customised training experience with engaging contents, programmes and outdoor landscapes to enjoy wherever you are. The on-demand library of video content includes live classes by selecting your favourite trainer, one-to-one cardio or strength training sessions, routines for athletic preparation, basic exercises or virtual routes set in nature or in your favourite cities.
All this under the guide of the Technogym Coach, the first artificial intelligence applied to fitness, guaranteeing a completely customised experience by managing data, preferences and guides of users through their journey. Day by day it suggests different training options according to user’s passions, needs and personal habits.
Boundless and customized training is now a reality.

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