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Gulf Harbour Yacht & Country Club with Technogym: the fitness experience of the leisure club

Located in Fort Meyers in southwest Florida, a location overlooking the Gulf of Mexico with beaches, palm trees, islands and nature, the Gulf Harbour Yacht and Country Club has chosen the technology and exclusivity of Technogym products to create an unforgettable training experience for its customers. In fact, the centre includes everything necessary to allow anyone to feel at home thanks to the highly professional and prepared staff.

The HarbourView Centre for Sports & Wellness has been designed to provide a complete, state-of-the-art fitness experience: it is a 24,000 square meter facility that houses Technogym equipment, fitness studios, indoor golf, a luxury spa, infrared saunas, steam baths and a relaxation area with a Smoothie Café. The Gulf Harbour also has an 18-hole golf course, on which numerous tournaments and events are organized throughout the year.

Among the equipment inside the centre is the Skill Line consisting of Skillrun, Skillmill, Skillbike and Skillrow. The collection is characterized by a multi-drive technology that allows members to adjust resistance to train power, agility, endurance and speed using a single product. Skill Line is ideal for those who aim to improve performance and athletic performance during training sessions. The variety of exercises and the way they are used make it an ideal range of products also for cardio training, satisfying a wider range of customers. The integration of the Skill Line in the centre's offer has strengthened the link with customers who are enthusiastic about it.
Together with the potential of the Skill Line, customers have the opportunity to train with Omnia, the complete solution for functional training that, thanks to the wide variety of exercises, accessories, different floors and adaptability to different skill levels, promotes an engaging and dynamic interaction to achieve excellent results in a fun way and according to their abilities. Omnia allows you to create an engaging functional area where you can explore your true athletic potential.

Technogym offers us the tools to provide this complete and high level service to our members. a big surprise was the addition of the Skill Line inside our structure. Every single member had fun using it challenging their own limits.

Alongside the Skill Line we find the products of the Excite Line, the world's widest range of cardiovascular training products, which includes UNITY, the latest generation technological interface designed to ensure a fully personalized training experience.
Focused on involving members, who can take advantage of 32 free weekly fitness lessons, the Gulf Harbour offers a wide range of training options: in the multi-purpose study with Group Cycle, class participants can track their training data during an immersive cycling experience to the rhythm of music.

The partnership with Technogym is a wonderful experience for both our members and our staff. And we can't wait to find out what the future holds for us.

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