Golf – the charm of a sport that swings between beauty and elegance

Golf is, without a doubt, one of those rare activities that bring together very different kinds of people. Just to make an example, both current and former US presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama absolutely adore the sport, and they could have not come from two environments that are more different. In fact, regardless of your age, physical prowess, race or your social and economic background, as long as you are passionate about golf you can play in the majority of golf courses around the world.

What is even more astonishing about golf are the reasons that made golfers enthusiastic about the sport they play, which are also extremely different and worth exploring.

Some people are intrigued by it because they see it as a game to be played in your mind rather than in the course. In fact, golf mostly challenges your mental and physical limits, and the way in which you aspire to push them forward. Unsurprisingly, many people play golf because it builds character and feeds self-competition.

Other people love golf because it is a sport for all the ages, where practice over the years makes the difference. While golf does not have the physical demands of sporting activities like running, football, tennis and so on, it does call for excellent hand/eye/body coordination, which makes golf a very easy sport to play, but an exceptionally hard sport to master.

Many golfers take their time on the course as a moment to unwind for a few hours from the chaos of everyday life, and to concentrate solely on putting the golf ball in the hole. To that end, hardly any other sport puts you into contact with nature as much as golf does. The beautiful landscapes, the smell of the freshly cut grass, the sound of nature all around you are the perfect getaway to relaxation.

Finally, many people are fascinated by the aura of elegance and finesse shrouding this sport. Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world, having been practiced uninterruptedly for at least 6 centuries. Nowadays it has become iconic for its etiquette, its peculiar dress code and the elegance of its movements. Moreover, its world’s tournaments are sponsored by some of the most famous luxury brands in the world -  Rolex, BMW, Daimler, and Emirates to quote a few – and played in the most exclusive and spectacular venues in the world, like the Pevero Golf Club in Costa Smeralda, Northern Sardinia.

Pevero Golf Club, the pearl of the Mediterranean

Liaising two beautiful gulfs, in a strip of land between the harsh terrain of Northern Sardinia and the rocky bays of Cala di Volpe and Grande Pevero, Pevero golf Club has one of the most beautiful golf courses on earth, and one of the most challenging too. The 18 holes, designed by Robert Trent Jones, father of some of the most famous golf courses in the world, have put even the most experience golfers to the test, as demonstrated by the record set by John Saxon-Mills that still stands unbeaten after 40 years.
Nonetheless, the challenge of the course is not the only factor that attracts golfers to Pevero. The breath taking natural viewpoints, facing at times the sea, other times the mountainous inland and the natural lakes; the smell of juniper, rosemary and myrtle coming from the pristine Mediterranean forest; the peace and quiet of the place; all these elements make Pevero a must-visit for every golf lover.

The beautiful scenery offered by the Golf Club and the nearby Cala di Volpe Hotel were immortalized in the 1976 James Bond movie “The Spy who loved me”, one of the most iconic and successful movies of the whole franchise, crystallizing the glamour and splendour of Costa Smeralda to this day.

Train to enhance your golfing skills

However, golf is not just glam and style. Golf is a fully-fledged sport: as such, it requires constant practice and training. In fact, though practicing on the course clearly takes the majority of the time spent training, indoor training is instrumental to the refinement of golf’s fundamental movements.

In a previous Newsroom article, we have described the importance of strength and flexibility-oriented training to improve smoothness, control and power of the movements. Here, we would like to deepen the importance of functional training to improve the overall quality of the movements instead. To that end, functional training is the paramount form of workout any golfer should aim at, since it allows the ability to mimic the most important golf movements.

Taking the swing movement as an example, it consists of a torso rotation and a series of other asymmetric movements. What makes the swing so hard is the fact that is stimulates in perfect coordination a chain of muscles hardly used during our daily routine. In fact, to make a perfect swing a golfer requires balance, flexibility, coordination and power. To train all these components at the same time, functional training is essential.

Kinesis Personal is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of equipment for functional training. It is possible to train basic movements in safety and with various levels of resistance. In fact, the resistance is controlled by a sophisticated and patented innovation, where a system of forces gradually increases in intensity in total safety.

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Furthermore, what makes the Kinesis Line so special is the possibility of training both basic and more complex movements without limitations imposed by the equipment, in an intuitive and natural manner.

Kinesis Personal at Waterfront Porto Cervo

Golf and wellness enthusiasts can experience first-hand the benefits of a workout session with Kinesis Personal in Technogym’s store at Waterfront Porto Cervo, the temporary exhibition located a few minutes from Pevero Golf Club, where some of the world’s class elite brands will display their state of the art products until September 8th  2018.

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