Queens of home fitness

Nowadays, being overweight can be likened somewhat to ignorance: although it is still extremely widespread, it is no longer justifiable. We have so many means at our disposal to enrich our cultural heritage and take better care of our bodies it would be such a shame not to exploit them in order to feel good about ourselves both on the outside and on the inside.

For every thought that comes into our head, on the internet there is a guide, a personalized course, an ebook in free download or a thematic video channel. Paradoxically, the main limit to individual progress is the individual themselves, the lazy and accommodating one who struggles to abandon, even with thought alone, their own comfort zones.

Fortunately, we still have a prodigious excuse: the lack of time, considered the imprinting of a frantic and voracious socio-relational system that does not provide for breaks in fatigue. Yet, to be honest, time, which is certainly a limited and exhaustible resource, is no longer a real problem.

And neither is space, because, through the net, we live immersed in the ether and even the physical places we cross are redefining themselves in a multi-functional and multi-expressive perspective. Think of the fitness room in the office, the bookshop with the yoga space, the co-working gym, the beauty salon integrated with the nutritionist's studio.

Fluid hybridization is the new existential paradigm of the contemporary, and this apparent schizophrenia is an opportunity so seductive and full of potentiality that it would be a pity to resist it. To not get confused in the magnum sea of inputs and go straight to the goal, just know how to organize. Today, calendar in hand and with the support of appropriate interactive material, you can learn a new language during your home-work journey and you can aim to have a six pack abdominal by simply pointing the alarm clock fifteen minutes ahead of the ordinary schedule. Resilience and tenacity, however, unfortunately, are not discharged from the network, and remain the prerequisite for any effective training course.

Being Jane Fonda

Turning into your own super hero and becoming a source of pride for yourself, it seems, is not an unattainable goal. If we were to find a "pop" testimonial worthy of this statement, we could hire Jane Fonda who, 80 years ago, did not miss a public appearance or an aerobics lesson. Liberal, feminist, eclectic, tireless: this is Jane, alpha ante litteram woman who has conditioned the erotic dreams of a generation of men and taught baby boomers how to be sexy.

"A mother who is obsessed with being lean with her daughter, making diets and exercising will probably not be a good mother". Jane Fonda

Her career in cinema is a long list of illustrious collaborations, where Barbarella's television personality represents the main milestone and, at the same time, the watershed of an artistic path that has consecrated her as an icon of the cathode ray tube. Tired of simply being a sex symbol, in the 80s Jane Fonda began to dedicate herself full-time to aerobics. In 1982 she released her first VHS for home training and, in the following 13 years, she made another 21 videos, with a total of more than 17 million copies sold. Her original concept - the virtual surrogate of the personal trainer within the home - over the last 30 years, has been revived by many, confirming the revolutionary scope of an invention that marked an era.
From video recorders in the living rooms of the American middle class to the web: the iconic Jane Fonda still continues to produce video tutorials for fitness enthusiasts who prefer to train at home rather than sweat in the gym; and, to some extent, remains unique and inimitable, with its soft, dry physicality and dazzling smile, which are virtually her unmistakable trademark.
"Stay with me", she still repeats today, at regular intervals, between a sneak and a surge of arms: stay with me, I am the first-ever influencer and I know the ropes -  she seems to tell us. Jane Fonda can challenge anyone in the art of aging with style, elegance and great physical performance, and no wonder.

From home fitness tapes to social influencer

"Success is the copy" said Coco Chanel; and those who don't have short memory can only think of her, Jane Fonda, when launching the app for the daily training circuit on their smartphone. Download data is clear: More and more people are taking care of their fitness independently and often facing up to an underestimated risk. Such as persistent cramps, muscle contractures, strains and joint damage, from the physical side; or food shortages, if you do not pay attention to the diet and the indispensable work-to-work balance and recovery times.
Informaticians and developers are increasingly aware of having in their hands a dangerous super-power: that of transforming the basic user into a criterionless monster, a victim of the same tools that in theory should have improved their existence. For this reason, the most popular apps of the moment are those that offer integrated services - such as the analysis of biometric parameters (weight, pressure, heart rate) and circadian rhythm (sleep-wake ratio) - and that give, at the same time, valuable suggestions on the most appropriate diet for the training program you are enrolled in.
Kayla Itsines, Australia's millennial fitness queen, teaches: protein and super food are the key to beating the beast. Her  Instagram account, followed by 10 million followers, is a blaze of bowl acai with Greek yoghurt, berries, and almond granola, courgette spaghetti seasoned with cherry tomatoes, grain and extra virgin olive oil, multicoloured mega smoothies with exotic names, corn tacos with legumes, veggie cup, avocado toast, sushi, eggs and wholemeal rolls with peanut butter.
His app, despite the exorbitant costs (20 euros for the monthly subscription, and 120 for the annual one) is the must-have of all women tired of their bodies who are inspired by the temperance of fitness bloggers, to survive the gruelling training program BBG - Bikini Body Guide, based on circuits of resistance training and sessions of light aerobic activity (LISS) and heavy aerobics (HIIT). Three days a week of squats, abdominals, flexes and high-performance stretching for half an hour, interspersed with fast paced walking, cycling and jerky running. It takes just 12 weeks to see how effective it is: this is demonstrated by the photos of the before and after shared, via apps, by the community of registered users to the program.

Kayla is a positive model of body confidence that honours the most honest vocation of fitness: well-being.

Kayla Itsines is a positive model of body confidence that honors the most honest vocation of fitness: wellness.

So much so that it is proposed in collaboration with Sjana Elise Earp, who teaches how to improve strength, flexibility and posture with yoga; and Kelsey Wells who deals with the recovery of the physical shape of new mothers. So far, all right. Sweating with Kayla and her colleagues seems to be a healthy activity without contraindications.

What women do not say, however, is that it would be a good thing not to give in to poor illusions. To be toned down and dry, long and defined, three months may not be enough. Motivation does a lot but genetics is not an opinion.

Be consistent and in time results will come.

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