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Fitness and Wellness: the winning equation of the Romans Club in Milan

At number 30, large windows flooded with light and a row of trees to cool down nearby, members enter the Romans Club, the wellness lounge where beauty, health and performance meet with scientific accuracy. The Romans Club was founded in 2012 with the idea of creating a space conceptually different from that of traditional gyms. It was at the height of the economic crisis and the super low cost packages of gym chains were multiplying, offering little else besides mats and basic equipment. Antonio Romano, a founding member of the club, decided that it was time to focus attention and care on the customer and that fitness was just one of the many components of the equation.
Sporting activity is useful, if performed in the manner and intensity appropriate to every persons starting condition and goals. Undoubtedly, this implies a different path for everyone. It is no coincidence, therefore, that Romans Club has worked to make sessions with personal trainers a boast of the centre. The trainers, who are all graduates in motor sciences and specialised in different activities, before starting each course with the clients, investigate the history to understand which activities to suggest in order to minimize the risks of injury and maximize the results. In this rigorous work, the trainers are not alone, because the club has built a network of external professionals - such as osteopaths, nutritionists or motor science researchers - to whom to direct clients who want additional services.

From the fitness room, which makes use of Technogym equipment, to the training room, customer care also passes through the constant renewal of programs and type of offer, so that you are stimulated to do better and more, growing with constancy and method.

Technogym, official partner of the Romans Club, provides state-of-the-art equipment for a unique and connected training experience. Inside the Romans Club, we find the products of the Artis line, a unique range that combines innovation, connectivity and design for a complete and personalised workout.

Along with the Artis line, we also find the products of the Skill line, including Skillmill, the only non-motorized treadmill that is ideal for those who want to maximize performance. All this, together with an environment designed to facilitate the correct vision of oneself during the exercises, make Romans Club a unique centre in which to experience wellness at 360 degrees.

To create an exclusive environment with the support of an excellent spa, Romans passes all the tests. From hot treatments - such as the sauna and thalasso steam bath - to cold reactions, to tone and refresh, from the whirlpool to a relaxation area with a wide range of treatments, it is the perfect place to escape stress and fatigue. Here too, machines and treatments have the signatures of the highest brands in the industry, for an exclusive experience at every stage of your stay.

When describing a place and an experience, there is always the risk of stopping at the mere list of items, so let's take a step back and let us understand where the special feature of Romans Club lies. Wellness means many things, but in general it indicates a state of harmony between body, mind and soul. A place can be said to be dedicated to well-being if all the elements contribute to this result, even - for example - the care of the design and the environments where the activities take place.

The experience also passes through visual and intellectual stimulation and for this reason the walls of the Romans Club display works by street and visual artists, capable of transmitting the sense of determination necessary to complete every route and training. This attention to detail brings with it a strongly exclusive identity. The Romans Club is not, proudly, for everyone. Thanks to a price range that places it in the luxury sector and a subscription policy that refuses free admission for visibility, everyone always pays, even the legendary Roger Waters de Pink Floyd, with whom Romans has selected an elite clientele.

Here come only people who want to take a path of well-being and put themselves to the test constantly. That's why, unlike the other gyms, there are no peaks in registrations between May and July - the classic free trial subscriptions. Here, the halls are active from January and December, because wellness is much more than just abs and buttocks.

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