Power Pasta: the best carbohydrates before power training

There are more or less suitable recipes for every workout. Moreover, there are ingredients that are more or less suitable to enhance the type of workout during the training session. The diet of those who decide to increase and strengthen their muscle mass is certainly different from a diet aimed at weight loss. Recipes for those who decide to train more often and intensively therefore require a higher protein intake without underestimating the right amount of calories, introduced for example by carbohydrates, preferably not refined carbohydrates.
Roasted chickpeas on wooden table
It represents the main element, the basis of the so-called Mediterranean diet:
pasta, flour and cereals are recommended, in the correct dosages, in each of the three main meals of the day. For one main reason, complex carbohydrates are rich in vitamin B, which is the main source of energy our body can draw on.

The large amount of fibre from which they are made ensures a sense of satiety in the long run and they are an important ally for glycemic control and intestinal functions.

Power Pasta

close-up handmade pasta diagonal on a dark with flour background horizontal format

Ingredients for 4 people

70-90 g of short-cut pasta per person
500g of turnip greens chili pepper to taste
25g of pistachios per person
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
40ml of extra virgin olive oil
One unpeeled garlic clove
300g of boiled chickpeas

Comfort food par excellence finds its nutritional balance and the perfect balance of flavours.
Thanks to the chickpeas, source of protein, fibre and zero fat, here in a creamy, round version, reminiscent of the Middle Eastern hummus, of turnip buds, rich in folic acid, whose characteristic bitterish scent creates a Mediterranean blend with the spicy notes of chilli pepper, and pistachios that give fatty acids along with an irresistible sweet and toasted twist. While you are charged with energy and all the essential nutrients, Power Pasta takes care of your heart, skin, bones, nervous system and muscles thanks to a mix of vitamins (A, B2, C, D) and mineral salts: iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. Above all, it is delicious and easy to do.

There are three basic tips: dry chickpeas should be softened before cooking, so they will be ultra digestible. If you're running short on time, you can use canned ones as well, but avoid preservatives and excess sodium by reading the label.
Mix the pasta when still al dente in extra virgin olive oil scented with a clove of garlic and some aromatic grass makes it incredibly good (use a little cooking water like real professionals). Finally, also take a handful of pistachios after shelling to use as a topping. Finally add a scratch of lemon zest and your palate will make jumps of joy.

Unique pre-workout dish, to be consumed preferably 2-3 hours in advance, will keep you full and give your body everything it deserves to train at its best.

See us it in the kitchen, and in the weight area.

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