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Train at home like a star with David Kirsch, the New York celebrity and Core:’s fitness curator

Jennifer Lopez. Heidi Klum. Anne Hathaway. What do these three women have in common? Aside from being A-listers, they’re also past clients of celebrity trainer and wellness expert David Kirsch.

Over the years, David Kirsch has gained a reputation as the guy to go to if you’re looking for results. He’s authored six books, and built an entire empire on his training philosophy of the connection between mind body, and spirit — making sure to integrate mind-body conditioning, multi-tasking workouts, and smart nutrition into one routine. Today, aside from working with big-name clientele, he’s also the fitness curator at CORE: NYC and one of Technogym’s newest “Train at Home” trainers, helping to motivate you to move on your own in the comfort of your own home.

We caught up with David Kirsch to ask him a few questions, from how he got his start in the industry to what are the cornerstones of how he trains some of the biggest names in the business.

Talk to us about how you got into fitness?
Everyone has an interesting story. I was a lawyer, even though I realized in law school that my passion for law had no purpose. I was interested in law, but there was no light there, no excitement, and I was doing it to check a box — so to speak. To keep myself sane in law school, I started running. The next thing I knew, I was running 70 miles a week. I was running marathons and 10Ks and loved the idea that my new hobby transcended the idea of creating goals and challenges for myself. The more I did it, the more I loved doing it.

So, I would get my studying done, and use working out as the “carrot” at the end of a long day. Something I’d chase to be the best version of myself. I then decided that I was going to become a bodybuilder, and then after that, did more research and started taking training classes, education classes, learning about nutrition and sharing with others what I was most passionate about. I didn’t exactly see where all this was leading to. I didn’t have a crystal ball. I didn’t know I’d write six books and train celebrities all over the world, but I knew that being a trainer was my calling, and I remember calling my parents to tell them exactly that. They couldn’t believe it, even though I knew that my soul was going to be nurtured, and I’d be doing what I was meant to do.

What was it like at first? How did you get your first big-name client?
In the late ‘80s there weren’t many of us, maybe just a handful of other trainers. I was able to build the Madison Square Club and work on my craft. I watched fitness evolve into something that was so much more than male bodybuilders. I saw it changing, observed men and women of all ages and fitness levels wanting to be healthier. That’s how my business grew. My first big name was Ivana Trump. I had met her publicist, who reached out to me and asked if I’d work with her, at her house. She was really nice, and I loved working with her.

After a cover story on me in Harper’s Bazaar on how I am the ‘body shaper and sculptor, calls started coming through from various celebrities and that was the beginning of it all. I was pretty early to the game, but it feels good to still be relevant today and to have had the opportunity to be a trend setter in the fitness world.

What’s one of your best memories from the early days?
I remember I used to ride my little Vespa and deliver to various clients their food, like my turkey chili. I had a supplement business. I had a skincare line. I was trying to expand. I wanted to make it more than just fitness, I wanted to make it about a holistic lifestyle. My philosophy has always been predicated on the mind-body connection. If you have 6-pack abs, but you don’t have a healthy mind and love your body, that’s not right, it's an issue.
Would you train a celebrity differently than an “average” person?
No. You know what my mother taught me? We all put our pants on one leg at a time. Whether you’re Heidi Klum or a regular citizen, my philosophy is the same.  Regardless of who I’m training, the goals don’t change. I want you leaving feeling educated, enlightened, and empowered.
What’s one piece of advice you’d offer to a younger you?
When you are creating something you're very guarded, and sometimes closed off. I’d tell myself to be a little more inclusive. Had I built a stronger village or community around myself, if I trusted more, it would’ve been really helpful so to feel even more supported

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