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Dario Cologna: success story in the snow

Born in 1986 in Santa Maria in Val Müstair, Dario Cologna took his first steps in the snow when he was still a child. After entering the world of sport with alpine skiing and also playing football and mountain biking, he decided to devote himself entirely to cross-country skiing.
This was the right choice, as demonstrated by all the successes achieved by the athlete during his career. Dario has in fact collected 4 Olympic gold medals, 1 gold medal at the World Championships, as well as 4 Overall World Cup titles and 4 wins of the prestigious Tour de Ski, making him the most successful Swiss Cross-Country skier of all time.
Dario Cologna
In view of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, we interviewed Dario Cologna to try to capture the magic that characterizes this fascinating sport and the secrets behind the training sessions of a great champion.
Where does your passion for cross-country skiing come from?
Even as a child, I took great pleasure in the rhythmic movement of cross-country skiing. I also quickly realized that I had a certain talent for endurance sports and could spend long periods of time outdoors on my cross-country skis. In addition, I soon had my first successes in races, which motivated me even more.
How does it feel to be the first Swiss ever to win the World Cup for cross-country skiing?
That I had so much success in the World Cup as a relatively young athlete was quite surprising for me as well. In the 2008/2009 season, I won both the Tour de Ski and the overall World Cup. I had already won titles in the Junior races, but to be able to establish myself so quickly in the World Cup was a great feeling!

A sport like cross-country skiing requires constant training and perfect physical condition, two elements that are indispensable to be able to cross the finish line before your opponents.

What is your training routine for cross-country skiing?
Especially in summer, I spend a lot of time on the roller skis and with all kinds of runs, that means from interval training on the track, to ski bounding up the mountains. In addition, especially at the beginning of the training season in May, we do a lot of base work on the bike.
The athlete explained to us that being able to work with Technogym products, in particular his favourites Technogym Bike and Technogym Bench, represents a great advantage because they allow him to train at his best, even in months when the weather conditions are not optimal.
Has something changed in your training routines with Technogym’s products?
With the Technogym Bike I'm able work out at home even when the weather is bad, which, unfortunately, we had a lot of that this summer. On the Technogym Bench I can do many very specific strength exercises. In general, strength training has become more and more important in the past few years and is tailored to the individual disciplines.
What are your favorite exercises to do with Technogym Bench?
I do a number of different exercises with the Elastic Bands to stabilize and strengthen my core.
Technogym Bench represents the perfect tool to use when preparing for a sport such as cross-country skiing, which requires training in strength, endurance and aerobic and anaerobic power. This innovative functional and strength training station for your home has been designed to combine maximum exercise variety with minimum footprint by enabling you to perform the largest range of exercises in a very limited space. With over 200 exercise options, Technogym Bench allows the possibility to combine weights, elastic bands, dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat to empower you to perform endless exercises ensuring various and effective total body workouts.
Dario Cologna si allena con Technogym Bench

Discover Technogym Bench

Give us some comments on Technogym Bike, please.
The bike can be perfectly adjusted to my desired sitting position, which is very important to me, and the variety of training routes is fantastic! In addition, it is very quiet and extremely comfortable to train with.
Dario Cologna si allena con Technogym Bike

Discover Technogym Bike

Thanks to Technogym Bike, Dario can free his mind and train anywhere in the world, choosing his favorite outdoor scenario. In fact, Technogym Bike is the professional home fitness bike designed to provide the best training experience and entertainment. Whatever your fitness level and objectives, with Technogym Bike you can choose your favorite workout from a wide variety of content: group cycling classes, one-one-one trainer led sessions, virtual training in amazing outdoor scenarios and even off-bike bodyweight workouts. When it comes to entertainment, the new Technogym Bike console allows you to access your favorite options (Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, social media, news and games) or stream your personal content from your devices.

The Winter Olympics are just around the corner, and Dario is completing his athletic training with Technogym products, which offer a unique Precision Training experience: the technological innovation, product design, scientific research and included digital contents allow the user to choose and customize their training to achieve the desired results.

How important are precision and attention to detail in your training routines?
Very important. I think I am very disciplined in my training. I put a lot of emphasis on doing each exercise as correctly as possible. In a cross-country race, every step must be executed as efficiently as possible, otherwise you lose a lot of energy over this long distance.
Beijing 2022: what do you expect from the next Winter Olympics?
It will probably be my last Olympic Games and therefore I am especially looking forward to it. At the same time, of course, I want to present myself in good shape one more time. Big events like the Olympics have always motivated me a lot.

Athletic condition is an essential requirement for a sportsman’s physique, and can really make a difference during high-level competition. That’s why Technogym, brand of reference for élite sports worldwide, works alongside great champions like Dario Cologna to offer the most innovative fitness products and the best training experiences.

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