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Daniela Garreton – Ocean is the creator of all things

The small town by the ocean of San Sebastian, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and elegant cities in Spain, can boast a special charm. Its small size is not a limit, but rather its strong point. You can easily explore it all on foot, and if you raise your eyes you will see that everyone is smiling, everyone knows each other, just like a big family. There is a feeling of warmth mixed with the salty breeze of the air.

All these small - but fundamental – charming details have led Daniela Garreton and her wonderful art to this small city. Daniela, born in Santiago, Chile, a city with more than 5 million people, moved to San Sebastian bringing only the ocean and Sergio, her greatest loves, always and forever.

Talking about Sergio, Daniela tells us: “I met Sergio when I was 18, we went to the same university and I remember that when I saw him for the first time I whispered in the ear of my best friend that I would have married that man and so it was. A love at first sight, a pure love that has made my life what it is now, wonderful. Four years ago, in my life there was only Sergio, now we have added a fundamental component of our small family: Sizu.”

Sizu is a special dog that made me realize how much you can love an animal, a love that goes beyond, a love based on trust and complementarity.

It almost seems like one of those fairytales you’ve been told as a child, where in the end love prevails and the protagonists lived happily ever after… However, this is not a fairy tale, it's the real story of a woman who has put art at the very centre of her life, and love as her main inspiration. Her love floats between her man and the sea, two elements that never falter in her clear and intense paintings, balanced perfectly between love, passion and vitality.

The most enviable part of Daniela's life is indeed her unwavering love for the same man. Almost nobody believes in pure love anymore, that kind of unconditional love that goes with life so naturally, that allows you to grow and enrich yourself with unique experiences. A kind of love that even after years still gives you goosebumps, and just by thinking about it makes you smile almost spontaneously. A kind of love that Daniela has managed to pour into her works of art, making them truly unique.

Daniela believes that art should be understood in its deepest form. Everyone can appreciate something beautiful, but that sort of art would simply be limited to the sight of the individual. On the other hand, Daniela's art is more visceral, closely linked to the relationship between the individual and what surrounds him. To be able to arouse feelings and emotions means to produce art; the only way to do this is to be inspired by something that has a really deep meaning. In Daniela's case, her something is the ocean.

The ocean is a maker of life, an unlimited resource of water and food, a creator of music and sensations

Walking along the lane leading to the sea the wind rises, bringing with it a pungent scent of saltiness. It is almost spontaneous to close your eyes and make a small twitchy smile, as if it were some sort of liberation. Arriving near the ocean you strip of your clothes and thoughts; the cracks between the toes of your feet fill with sand, your face becomes sticky for the salt and the flavour on your lips brings back memories of childhood, those first times that you swam in the sea and the tall waves made you drink salty gulps of water.

At that point you sit down, with your eyes gazing to the horizon, and you are inevitably overwhelmed by ideas, thoughts and feelings. Probably because we are facing the vastity of nature, a liquid force that has given birth to everything, the element that created the world and allows its survival. The ocean is undoubtedly a producer of life, an unlimited resource of water and food, a creator of music and sensations.

The ocean makes me think about the beginning of life. Life is born and starts from the ocean; for this reason, we have such a strong connection with this wonderful element.

When we went to school, studying the great classics of literature and mythology, the ocean was presented to us as a great bearded man who dominated the entire marine world from the depths. In Greek mythology we have the great Poseidon, trident in his hand, shaker of land and sea; in Roman mythology we have Neptune, who quoting Cicero: « ... The first kingdom, that is the dominion over the sea, was entrusted to Neptune that tradition wants brother of Jupiter and whose name is an extension of the verb nare ... ».

For me, water represents feminine power, it is a power that, like women, is influenced by the moon, which is why I believe that if I had to represent the sea in human form, it would be like a great strong and powerful woman.

As always, Daniela deviates from these classical ideas of representation and through her art reinterprets the role of the god of the sea, making this element more intimate, and therefore more important: “I feel a profound sense of respect for the sea. I'm never really scared of it; rather I am always respectful. The power of the sea goes beyond words. It is absurd that sometimes there are immense waves and the day after the same sea looks like a calm lake. It makes you feel many emotions, and just like the soul of people it changes continuously.”
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