Champions Train With Technogym: Dafne Schippers

I started running at the age of nine and even though I was young, it was love at first sight. I still remember that first day at the track: instead of training, I immediately took part in a local meet that was happening and I ended up almost winning the sprint. Then at the age of 16 I was selected for National Team for professional training and from that moment I became better and better."

Dafne Schippers’s love for athletics was immediate, like a lightning-bolt. The allround trainings for the selected group gave insights and she could further specialize her qualities. The stars aligned, presenting to the world a young runner destined to become one of the most loved and admired sprinters on the planet.

Daphne inherited her strong, innate bond with sports from home. “I think sports represent something profound, almost genetic in my family. Everyone at home is in love with sports, especially soccer. My dad was always doing several different kinds of sports, but I am the first and only one in my family to choose athletics.

Passion is what unifies her family to the great value and beauty of sports. However, in order to really excel and reach global excellence, it’s necessary to pinpoint how to channel one’s passion and energy internally with a focused direction. “During my adolescence, I realized I was really good at running, but being asked to be on the Dutch National team made me understand that I had found my lifelong passion and objective.

It wasn’t long after a string of immediate wins, record-breaking competitions and world class success that soon consecrated this Dutch sprinter into becoming a global track and field icon. But it’s her distinct, burning desire, a common trait seen among all great athletes, that pushes her to always strive to do more. “What drives me is the simple desire to be the best ever. To be the best of the best.

The Olympics are the holy grail for those who live, eat, sleep and breathe a competitive dream to chase world class limits and break new records. Having previously encountered Olympic glory, Dafne’s undeniable talent, sportsmanship and cultural heritage have already been etched into the great athletic history books. Her sights are set on the Tokyo Games with one goal: perform in my best way.Obviously, the Olympics is the most important event in the world to participate in. Because it encompasses all different kinds of sports and disciplines on a global level, they are incredibly special indeed. There are many other important calendar events during one's athletic career, but prepare for the Olympics is something special.
Dafne Schippers, a professional sprinter and member of the National Dutch Athletics Team, selects Skillrun to train.
Determination: a lot of sheer willpower and constant training have been key in Daphne’s journey towards numerous important victories and standout victories in track and field.

Skillrun is pure sports technology: designed for athletes, running enthusiasts and lovers of high-intensity drills.
Today indoor running goes hand in hand with power development and cardio training.
More than just a treadmill: by choosing your objectives, Skillrun sets the pace to follow and simplifies training aimed at improvement in speed, endurance and coordination. Additionally, the Sled and Parachute Training modes offer controlled resistance on the running surface.

Discover Skillrun

The science behind running: the Biofeedback feature tracks and monitors main running parameters in real time while providing valuable data and information on running efficiency in order to improve performance.
Skillrun reinvents the way we think about treadmill training because it is the first running tool designed specifically to satisfy the most demanding athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Thanks to the exclusive Multidrive Technology, Skillrun allows you to perform both cardio and power workouts on just one single machine.
In particular, athletics require targeted training that focuses on speed, explosive power and endurance. To work out like Dafne, select from the interactive console one of three specific objectives - Cardio Fit, Strong Legs or Speed & Agility Drills - and start a training routine that guides you through each exercise phase.

To train endurance strenght and improve explosiveness, acceleration and speed, Dafne Schippers uses Technogym Bench. Discover the training in the programme section of Technogym App.

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