Champions Train With Technogym: Bebe Vio

I fell in love with fencing completely by accident. I got the gyms mixed up, literally. As a child, I started off with artistic gymnastics, but the idea of an- end-of-the-year recital just didn’t sit well with me. I thought: What's the point in performing for my parents if I can’t win anything? So, thinking a team sport would be a better option for me, my parents took me to try out volleyball. When we arrived at the sports center, there were two different gyms with two separate entrances on each side of the corridor. And  I mistakenly opened the wrong door. I had never seen or heard of fencing, but it was love at first sight. I saw all these beautiful and fascinating white Zorro-like figures.  And then I remembered that sound of the swords hitting and crashing against each other, while people were screaming with vigor. It was so awesome.”

Beatrice “Bebe” Maria Vio needs no introduction. Heralded as the most successful and iconic Italian wheelchair fencer, she owes her inspirational love affair with fencing thanks to a chance encounter and loving family who always motivated her to play sports.

For Bebe, the fencing piste immediately proved to be the ideal place to nurture her deep passion and  competitive nature: “I’ve discovered that sports can be a whirlwind of unique emotions. First you can start crying, then the next minute you laugh or get angry or scream. It’s a continual flow of energy that just never stops. When they see you have potential in fencing, they immediately start training you seriously with the idea that there could be something big on the horizon, maybe even the Olympics. Because sports have always played a fundamental role in my family, I also train with this kind of mentality. Sometimes I think we operate more like a team than a traditional family: Dad’s the coach, Mom’s the absolute boss, and we three siblings are down there ready to fight for our goals and dreams. So,  I was born ready for this. I’ve never experienced a single workout as a sacrifice. Never!

In Italy, fencing holds a historic tradition of absolute excellence. When a true talent emerges, it’s easy to map out their greatness after the fact. Vio’s journey has encountered many more crossroads and difficulties than most athletes. But she’s always emerged stronger, more powerful, more Bebe: “My long-standing dream has always been the Olympics, but never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined myself competing in the Paralympics. What I’ve come to realize is that the experience is the same, whether you are standing or in a wheelchair. If the dream is there, the only thing that matters is making it to the games. Now that I’ve succeeded, I feel proud to inspire a new wave of young athletes so they can say: “I can do this, because she did it too!” I know it might be strange to hear  this but that is the best feeling of all.”
This Italian sensation first cemented her name in the history books when she reached Olympic greatness with an inspirational Paralympic debut victory in Rio 2016. “When I made it to the Paralympics, it was a dream come true experience. And I lived it to the fullest, as if everything were the most beautiful thing or the most incredible moment  I had ever seen or felt. Perhaps because it was my first,  the whole thing just seems so huge, magical and magnificent. During my time in the village,  I befriended a lot of  other athletes but because my fencing competition was scheduled towards the end of the games, I saw many compete and then leave, while I had to stay behind for mine. But the wait was well worth it because the  best thing about it was the huge bear hug with all my teammates when we won third place in the teams.”

Talking with Bebe Vio is a privilege. Hidden behind this electric charge and youthful manner is a unique gemmed pearl  that takes an inspirational sports jargon and applies to everyone’s everyday life. ”Isn’t it odd when all your life you try not to lose to be able to win, and when you finally win, you realize how important it was to lose.”

At just 24 years old, Bebe Vio has already distinguished herself in the world of sports and fencing, winning Paralympic world titles and European championships in individual foil.
But her lighthearted youthful candor doesn’t hide Bebe’s distinctive talents and competitive traits: behind the long rooster of victories, awards, and titles, there are hours and hours of hard work, commitment, sacrifice, effort and dedication.

As she says often, you can’t reach the top without  a regimented daily routine and attention to the smallest details. For her athletic training, Bebe Vio chooses the Technogym Bench.

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Fencing requires complete functional and power training that focuses specifically on both upper and lower limbs and with the Technogym Bench, you can perform over 200 total body exercises in a simple and effective way.
If you are looking to work out like Bebe Vio, select from the available video training programs that this all-in-one station provides. It also features a vast library of additional  fitness videos led by expert Technogym trainers, with dedicated workouts lasting from 20 to 30 minutes, suitable for any desired goal or level and that focuses on exercise strength, endurance and core.

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