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Andrea Dovizioso and the physical preparation of the MotoGP rider

Andrea Dovizioso is a smart driver. His talent was discovered in him when he was very young by Aprilia, where he distinguished himself with victories in the Italian championships and speed. At the age of 15 he made his debut in MotoGP, at 18 he won the 125cc World Championship on a Honda. Even though the best victory was on a Ducati in the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello, the bike which he has battled with Marc Marquez's Honda in recent years. A winner from the start, even though victories are built up day after day, as he explains.
Exercises with plyoboxes and dumbells for Andrea Dovizioso. © Marco Alpozzi / Evolvency
But what made a champion of his caliber at the height of his maturity to remain at the top for so many years? Constancy, dedication and hard work. Also - and above all - his workout, done during the winter months when the season has not started and, choosing the right day, even during the season, so as not to weigh down the body too much.

We had the chance to meet Andrea Dovizioso in the space where he trains, where he told us a little more about his life and his passion, the two wheels. Space set up with the best Technogym equipment.

History and training of Andrea Dovizioso

Andrea has the bike in his blood. Son of a motorcyclist, the passion for two wheels was born from his father. My father, who was racing on cross-country motorcycles where I grew up. He tells us, Slowly, I got passionate and I started to race on motorcycles. It all started from there, from the cross. A discipline which Andrea still trains today on with the cardiovascular component. ìThe cardio training, I do mainly on the bike so motocross, go kart, jet ski, flat track. In the gym we focus on other aspects.
Two wellness ball trainings to stabilize the core muscles. © Marco Alpozzi / Evolvency
So indoor training is very important, even if success on the track on a motorcycle is built by working on all aspects: body and mind must be perfectly trained and aligned.

For us, indoor training in the gym is very important, as is everything to prepare to win a race. The results are achieved by working at 360 ° and this is the fundamental aspect of the preparation: it is a very important part to reach certain results, such as triumphing in the Grand Prix of Italy.

How to train Andrea Dovizioso

The preparation of a motorcyclist is done firstly in the winter months to give an athletic background, although then the actual preparation is done for the race.  In addition to the physical preparation, there is a very important mental work to do. ‘It's since 2009’ Andrea tell us ‘when I changed coach that I aim to improve by learning from the experience.
The exercises I do most in the gym work on strength, stabilisation and coordination. Let's say that the preparation revolves around these 3 aspects. In January and February, we work mainly on strength, because then we can do more days in the gym, we have more time, and we do a certain type of preparation, mainly on strength, because I do not go into motion in those months, although it depends on the year.

With Skillmill you train like an athlete

An effective solution for professional sportsmen and sportswomen who devote themselves to fitness and performance improvement every day is Skillmill, a non-motorised equipment that combines training in power, speed, endurance and agility.
Andrea Dovizioso in action on Skillmill © Marco Alpozzi / Evolvency
Thanks to Skillmill, a completely new and effective training discipline was born, designed to improve the performance of athletes and enthusiasts, which allows you to work on different aspects of training. With Skillmill it is possible to work  with HIIT training, to obtain the most effective results and the greatest benefits in terms of power, speed, endurance and agility.
© Marco Alpozzi / Evolvency
Skillmill is designed to train all the body's energy systems in a single solution, allowing the user to practice sprints and develop power, improving metabolic condition, and is fully integrated into fully integrated into mywellness, Technogym's cloud platform. This solution includes many training programs and tools to ensure supervision, monitoring and tracking of training results. Users can access custom programs by scanning the QR Code Skillmill or downloading the Mywellness app and monitoring training parameters in real time from the onboard console.
The periodisation of training is very important, explains Andrea, who is 33 years old and has a perfectly fit physique.  At 33 he works a lot on details, everything is done to bring the movement to the highest possible quality. You then use these details in the race, on the bike. This is very difficult because it is extremely complex to simulate the position you have on the bike.
Sled training © Marco Alpozzi / Evolvency
You must be good at recovering well and choose the right day to workout. This is very difficult because the year is very long: even if Andrea admits that in the last 3 years the preparation has changed since working with Technogym. Recovery is one of the most important things in the life of the motorcyclist. During my training at Technogym I have had the proof of its real usefulness. You can train to perfection, get to perform exercises impeccably, but without the right recoveries, body and mind do not perform to their full potential.
Kettlebell and Plyobox Technogym: two allies of Andrea Dovizioso © Marco Alpozzi / Evolvency
As with all Italian drivers, winning the Italian Grand Prix is like winning a derby in football. Glory and success for a whole year. Without a shadow of a doubt, my best victory was Mugello 2017, the most exciting ever. My favourite circuit is Malaysia, where you can find all the features I like when I run, like fast and slow corners.

The head is fundamental to that success in life: at the highest level the small details can make a difference.

The rider's body and nutrition

When running, the rider produces adrenaline: he then activates his nervous system with a consequent increase in heart rate. It's very important - and Dovizioso explained it to us when he came in Cesena, some time ago - also the emotional component, which determines the increase in heart rate. In the World Championship there is a need to evolve, to work. And you have to have a lot of it, you have to be willing to work.
Andrea, like all motorcyclists, follows a diet to help his performance on the saddle: I eat whole foods when possible, but otherwise my diet is quite classic. Fruit, vegetables and fish are part of my daily diet. However, being from Romagna, I have a lot of favourite dishes and I particularly like all types of pasta, but lasagne are lasagne (laughs).

Dovizioso and the relationship with Petrucci

Andrea Dovizioso and Danilo Petrucci are a close team as they both ride for Ducati, both are focused on improving their performance through training in the gym or in the outdoors. There's rivalry, he explains, but there's also real support. My relationship with Danilo is very good, because we are at the highest level of MotoGP, achieving important results but still training together. It's an advantage for both of us: I have the experience on my side to help him manage himself better. On the other hand, he's a real talent. Therefore, when we train together, we are hyper-competitive, whether on motocross or any other discipline. In my opinion this relationship is an added value.

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