Amberjack in light crust

Fish is one of those ingredients that can make even the most seasoned of cooks, a little nervous. It is thought to be too delicate, too valuable, sometimes difficult to clean and above all too demanding to cook after a day full of commitments. Well, today's recipe will deny the commonplaces that unjustly keep us from bringing this wonderful food to your everyday table. Nothing that involves preparation with Japanese knives or pliers. Just a pan, a hand blender and a few minutes in the oven.
The star of the dish is amberjack, a delicacy that is very common in the Italian seas and a part of the blue fish family, which means: very high nutritional value in terms of fatty acids, especially omega 3 - essential for the prevention of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases . It is easily digestible and low in calories boasting an enviable portfolio of beneficial substances: selenium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, fluorine, zinc and vitamins A and B.
So how do you cook amberjack? The answer is unexpectedly simple: it is prepared in a pan, cooking it quickly, first on its own skin (yes, try to eat it instead of discarding it, it's very good!) and then on the meat, previously sprinkled with a pinch of paprika. The result will be as satisfactory as it is simple to achieve. Just bear in mind that blue fish loves short cooking.

Whoever shares your dinner table will surely feel like they are being treated to a restaurant style meal.

Ingredients for 4 persons

4 fillets of amberjack 250-300 g each
4 teaspoons of paprika
30 ml of extra virgin olive oil
salt as required
pepper as required

Eggplant cream

3 aubergines
20 ml extra virgin olive oil
40 g basil
1 tablespoon of low-fat yogurt
salt as required
pepper as required

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