Champions Train With Technogym: Akiyo Noguchi

“My parents ran a dairy farm, so ever since I was a child, as far back as I can remember, playing for me meant trying to mount a cow and climbing up to the stall roof or the top of a tree. That’s usually how I played. Then, at 11 years old, I went to Guam for a family vacation and tried sport climbing in a mall there. That’s where it all started. I immediately thought that it would be a lot of fun and so I started to take it more seriously.”

Akiyo Noguchi speaks in a soft voice, typical of Japanese etiquette, placing careful attention on even the smallest details. At the same time, the common thread running through her thoughts manages to transcend earthly things and guide you on journey to discovering a New World.

A World in which a small girl who grew up on a dairy farm was able to turn her childhood passion into a powerful job, making her a celebrated modern-day star. Climbing is a unique sport, which for Akiyo has always been about a special relationship with nature: “I think that climbing is a sport very close to nature. Its origins lie in outdoor climbing and thinking about it brings me back to memories of my own beginnings. Still today I am cultivating my relationship with nature, which is like a second home for me. I often spend my time outdoors and always try to go where there is rock. After all, when I am tired of competing or I am feeling down, climbing ordinary rocks, outdoors, under the sky, makes me feel fulfilled and at peace.”

A perfect harmony between mind and body, obtained through a methodic and wholistic approach to discipline, for a mature athlete who has learned first hand about the weight of expectations and the need for perfect balance: “I believe that the body, the mind and skill are all equally important components that always coexist. One cannot be separated from the others, and you cannot train seriously if even one of these elements is missing. You can only train as hard as your mental presence, your ability to live in the moment. I often train at home, and it’s always a journey in my mind. What you manage to do at home, you then have to do again in front of others. But what you are not able to do when you’re alone, you certainly won’t be able to do during a real event. So to succeed within the walls of your own home opens the possibility of succeeding outside as well.”
During the World Cup at the age of 16, class of 1989, Noguchi learned to recognize the elements of a perfect performance, how she is able to best express herself: “I usually think about a lot of things when I climb: the feeling in each part of my body, the position to hold, the next “grab” to make, and I also hear the applause in the background during competitions. I think about and feel many things. Still, when I’m at my best, all of a sudden I no longer think about anything and my body moves on its own. That’s my perfect performance, because for me, being an athlete and being a person are the same thing. Because I’ve been climbing since I was a child, I believe that this sport has made me who I am. I’m an athlete and a person at the same time.”

A complex and accomplished woman, who after many years of international success, will also finally be able to prove herself on the most important stage: the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Japanese climber Akiyo Noguchi made a mark with her nine consecutive wins at the Bouldering Japan Cup, a result that no other Japanese athlete was able to match or beat, and which is a testament to her focused and carefully researched athletic training.
To train for strength, speed, and resistance ahead of the competitions, Noguchi’s training regimen calls for the use of Skillrow.

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For workouts like Akiyo Noguchi's, you can choose the program that's right for you from objective-based workouts (time, distance, calories and repetitions), Interval Training and TNT, developed by professional trainers.

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