5 tips for the perfect women’s gym gear

With autumn in full bloom and the first cold winds gushing over the remnants of summer, it is appropriate to comment that “gym season” has finally begun. Alongside comfier blankets, matching pyjamas and woollen socks, it’s probably time to dust off your autumnal gym outfits and see if it still 2018 material.

Although there is nothing better to lift the spirit than the thought of a comfortable and cosy reward at the end of your workout, to keep your training morale (and discipline) always high throughout the colder seasons nothing is more important than a cool gym, a nice training playlist and above all fashionable fitness clothing.

Gym apparel is today as important as any other kind of clothing. If this concept has moved at a slower pace for men’s fashion, it has been for years an undeniable truth for women’s fitness clothing. Long gone are the times when gym clothes were shapeless, colourless and dull.

However, since the times of all black tight clothes are also drawing to a close, it may be useful to know a couple of tips to salvage some of your fitness wear and still make it trendy for the upcoming season. In this article, we want to give you five head-to-toe tips to make your gym outfit perfect.

1. Get your glow on in training with neon shoes

The first tip pays homage to the Electro-wave retro cyberpunk 1980s fashion and its radical palette. There is nothing better than knowing that for the span of a training session you have the freedom to wear some of the most mindboggling colours on the market, and still be fashion forward while doing it.
Especially for training shoes, it is time to cast aside basic colours, like black, grey and white, in favour of neon colours like alloy orange, atomic tangerine, green lizard, laser lemon, razzle dazzle rose and blizzard blue (even the names are awesome!). These are but a few of the colours that are dominating the shoe racks of major sports brands.
Fashion aside, wearing such vivid colours really brightens the darkest days of the fall season and always brings a smile to the face.

2. Metal gear is solid

If neon is a bit too hard to stomach for some, then metallic variations of more traditional colours can liven up your outfits. Metallic shades can add an extra layer of opacity or translucence (depending on the gradient of the shade and on the fabric of the clothes) to any piece of clothing of any colour.
Whether you like original colours such as copper, gold and metallic blue, or you prefer traditional ones like black, white and pastel pink, with the metallic twist, you can add infinite possibilities to your outfit.

3. Topping sports bras

A few years ago sports bras were essential workout gear for women, which they then hid under t-shirts and tank tops. Over time, bras have become not just a necessity, but also a fashionable part of any fitness outfit, adopting different shapes, colours and fabrics.
This year these bras are replaced by bra tops, which offer more coverage to your body than sports bras. These pieces come with in-built padding so you don’t need to worry about wearing a sports bra underneath.  These tops come in endless variety of cuts, shapes and patterns (cut patterns seem to be the trend of fall 2018) to make you look fashionable.

4. Mesh is better than nothing

Mesh leggings were the uncontested leading trend of 2017. Instead of fading out, meshed fabrics are now taking over all the other piece of sports clothing. However popular in the world of leggings and tights for the sense of dynamism their patterns create, mesh panels have become the rule on sports bras and bra tops: in particular the V-shaped mesh panel on the neckline, which gives bras the same comfort and ease to wear like t-shirts, but with added transparency and a more peculiar design.
Alternatively, you can pair your neon or metallic bras and overlay them with a mesh top. Both tiny and large mesh patterns are ruling the gym apparel fashion, as they offer an extra layer of clothing with the added benefit of showing what you are wearing underneath.

5. It’s vintage time!

The time for baggy hoodies, sweat pants and trackie bottoms is over. However, this does not mean that old-fashioned sportswear cannot be trendy. In fact, if Netflix’s Stranger Things has taught us anything it’s that vintage (1980s vintage to be more specific) is still alive and kicking. It also extends to the Madonna styled bodysuits to Flashdance sweatshirts. It seems our sense of fashion still craves for the nostalgia of the 1980s.
In particular, jogger pants have gained the spotlight in this year’s gym wear fashion for women. The sleek design of jogger pants makes it an ultimate fashion staple for women, regardless of the occasion. Available in different fits and styles, the main attraction of these pants is the narrow hemline, which perfectly suit colder months.

The 5 tips for your perfect fitness outfit

In short, here are the 5 tips to make your fitness outfit trendy for the next autumn/winter season:

  • Use more neon colours in your gym gear, especially on shoes
  • If neon gym wear is too strong, switch to metallic versions of the colours you love
  • Top sports bras should be an unmissable gear in your sports clothing
  • If black is really your thing, play with mesh panels to give more dynamism to your outfit
  • Vintage clothing, particularly if 1980s inspired, is always welcomed!

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