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5 tips for a perfect men’s fitness outfit

With September going full steam towards autumn and with the gym season finally beginning anew, it is probably time to dust off your sports apparel and make true all those promises you have sworn to as you were laying on the beach this summer.

To keep yourself motivated throughout the colder seasons, there are some ground rules you can follow: choose a cool gym, make yourself a nice training playlist, and put some fancy training clothes on. This last suggestion may come as a surprise, especially if you are a man. Indeed, to a larger audience, men’s sportswear has been chronically deemed as comfortable, though ultimately baggy, dull and honestly quite ugly.

In recent years, the fashion industry has responded vigorously to this misconception, launching new sports styles that can be trendy, funny and nice to look at, while also being comfortable and suitable for the most hard-core of trainings. In this article, we want to give you five head-to-toe tips to make your perfect gym outfit.

1. A shoe that fits all the time

Those who think that gym shoes must stay in the gym at the end of their workout have probably not been to a sports apparel shop in quite some time, and sock sneakers are an excellent example to disprove their theory. These shoes are easy to put on and off, stylish and extremely comfortable. So much that people just keep wearing them also on the street and in the workplace!

2. Keep it lean with leggings and shorts

Nothing boosts training morale more than defined muscles. With legs, it is surprisingly easy to do so, even if you have skinny or pale legs. Tights and leggings are an excellent answer to fight colour boredom and make you realize that you may be more muscular than what you thought. Besides, they are easy to wear, comfortable and suitable for both running and gym training.
Try to match them with pairs of shorts you already have, or with new ones to create unique combinations and a very sleek look.

3. A t-shirt for every need

This part is where fashion gets trickier. Despite the new trend of long sleeved compression t-shirts is great for people who have already something to show off, there is a whole new public that is approaching gyms for the very first time.
The best suggestion for them is to start their training routine with a trendy moisture wicking shirt. This piece of clothing is slightly loose at the bottom, though tighter on the shoulders and arms, to define your muscles and without the constant need to hold your breath. Besides, it is a great option if you are about to start a cardio-intensive sweat-inducing workout.
Another more traditional apparel option is the workout tank. However, this piece of clothing demands caution, as it may turn out as quite cheesy. Long and moderately tight tank tops are a safe bet, as they allow you to show your muscles out without being vulgar.

4. Post workout hoodie is the way

At the end of a workout session, what you may want is something you can soak in and be completely comfortable. To that end, a hoodie that can be fashionable and cosy should be an unmissable part of your training outfit. Hoodies are great because they enhance arms and shoulders, making you look like you have trained all they long at the shoulder press.

5. Digital wearables are the future

Finally, let us talk about accessories. In a fitness environment that is becoming increasingly digitalized, the final piece in your fitness outfit needs to be fitness device. Smartwatches, HR monitor bands, smartphones connected to wellness apps are the engaging element in your workout routine.
These devices allow you to track your training progress constantly, checking on your calories burnt, giving you real time feedback on your training method and pushing you onto the next level. Furthermore, the smooth design of these products make them extremely desirable (and enviable) to a broad audience, ranging from the fashion victim to the ultra-nerd.

The 5 tips for a perfect men's fitness outfit

Summing up, here are the 5 tips to create a perfect men's fitness outfit:

  • Try sock sneakers immediately
  • Pair leggings with short to reignite your gear with some colours
  • Depending on how fit you feel, choose between long sleeved compressing t-shirts, moisture wicking t-shirts or (with caution) tank tops
  • Get a post workout fashionable and soft hoodie and chill
  • Always keep connected with digital wearables

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