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Skillbike Class experience and the most spectacular mountain sports records

Mountains, spectacularly stark places, have always called humankind to a challenge since ancestral times. Together with the sea, and in some ways mirroring it, the mountain embodies the longing for human transcendence, an inexhaustible source of sporting dares that often start from a deeper metaphysical and existential dimension.
Mountain challenges are (almost) never just sports, just as altitude records are not just any records. Those who love mountains, or those who have once experienced the thrill of climbing to one of their highest summits, know the fervor they are possessed by. A fervor that takes also those who climb steep mountain cliffs, clinging to the bare rock, and those who go in search of immaculate snow sloped to be marked with skis.
Here are some of the most incredible Alpine mountain records, including impossible ascents, mesmerizing runs on slopes worthy and vertigos-inducing descents. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 of the most spectacular records achieved on top of a mountain:

  1. Mountain records: the first descent of K2 on skis
  2. Mountain records: the most spectacular free solo
  3. Mountain records: the world's highest mountain bike race
  4. Mountain records: the highest base jump ever
  5. Mountain records: Ski jumping

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1. The first ski descent from K2

On 22 July 2018, Polish athlete Andrzej Bargiel made the first full skis descent from the summit of K2, considered the second most dangerous mountain in the world. After acclimatization in June under Gasherbrum II, he reached Base Camp 2 and left for the Cesen route on the southeastern slope. He then reached Camp 2 and Camp 3, choosing to leave the team behind and climb alone, without oxygen supply, towards the summit. From there, he made the historic achievement.
Bargiel crested the Cesen Route to continue along the Messner Route (known for its difficulty). Then, he reached the street opened by Jerzy Kukuczka and Tadeusz Piotrowski, also Polish, in 1986. Bargiel returned to base camp and managed to accomplish an extreme feat, considered borderline impossible for ski mountaineering, which 10 years before had cost the life of Italian Michele Fait.

2. The most spectacular free solo

Free solo is the climbing discipline that involves climbing walls of varying difficulty barehanded, without the aid of ropes or protections. Unlike free climbing, which involves securing the athlete with ropes and nails, here the perfection of execution and concentration are everything. In free solo, there is no space for mistakes, which is why this is one of the most extreme sports in the world.
Among the most spectacular and risky feats ever made, there are some that compete for the lead. The most recent and discussed mountain records is the ascent of the El Capitan (in Yosemite Park, California) by Alex Honnold's, a feat immortalized in an Oscar-winning documentary, in 2019. Honnold, considered the greatest free soloist in the world, faced the 915 meters of granite with a maximum difficulty coefficient of 5.13a, after years of meticulous preparation. Honnold had already collected many records such as crossing all the peaks of Fitz Roy, Patagonia, and completing El Sendero Luminoso (El Toro, Potrero Chico, Mexico) in just three hours, considered until then the most difficult climb ever made.
Here he chose Freerider, a route of about 30 pitches and 1000 meters long, realizing an undertaking that revolutionized the world of climbing and moved the concept of human limit beyond the imaginable.

3. The world's highest mountain bike race

The natural environment of mountain biking is, of course, the uphill, and it is there that this discipline gives its best for proper mountain records. Of course, perhaps not everyone is ready to load their bike on their shoulders and show up at the start line of the Himalayan Highest Ladakh MTB Race, the world's highest stage bike race. The race was born from the idea of a group of Italian cyclists and takes place in India, in the enchanting region of Ladakh. For the participants there are two days of obligatory acclimatization, then the transfer to Upshi and then one more waiting day before the start.
The route winds its way through breathtaking scenery, amidst authentic villages, for a total of six stages with overnight stay in a tent and a final time trial at the Khardung La pass (5359 m). As the organizers point out, the Himalayan Highest is certainly a demanding race, but it is not impossible and, with the right athletic preparation and a good level of determination, those who are in love with mountain biking and mountain scenery can face it.

4. The highest base jump ever

Returning to extreme sports and mountain records, there are disciplines that simply go beyond the average sporting dimension. This is the case with base jumping, where expert parachutists and paragliding professionals wear wingsuits and jump from a fixed point that can be anything from a mountain peak to building roofs, gliding like birds and sometimes passing by the profiles of mountain slopes (the so-called "proximity fly", extremely risky exercise).
Among these "flying men", there is Russian Valery Rozov, who in 2013 accomplished a wonderful feat jumping from the Changtse one of Everest’s summit 7543 meters high, realizing the highest base jump of all time.

Nicknamed "The Prince", Rozov became famous thanks to numerous feats that led him to become world champion of sky jumping and sky surfing twice, as well as Russian champion of mountaineering. Unfortunately, in 2017, at the age of 52, he lost his life during a launch from Ama Dablam, a 6812-metre peak belonging to the Everest region. He was working on the project of jumping from the Seven Summits, the seven highest peaks on every continent.

5. Ski Jumping Records

Still about jumps, the mountain records for "high jump" on skis was set in 2017 by the American athlete David Wise, a freestyler skier and two-time Olympic halfpipe champion.  The jump was made at the Sölden facility in Austria and set the record at 11.7 meters, beating Simon Dumont's record by 10.8 meters.
Stefan Kraft, who covered the record distance of 253.5 meters, however, made the mountain records with trampoline jump, in 2018 in Vikersund, Norway. In the same competition, skier Robert Johansson also broke the previous world record, jumping for a total length of 252 meters, only to be beaten immediately after by Kraft, who surpassed Johansson’s result by one and a half meters. Initially, the Kraft’s jump was questioned, because the Austrian athlete touched the ground with his buttocks during landing, but the jury then decided to validate what is still today the world record.

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