Glute Builder Training
There are so many reasons to train your glutes – aesthetics, strength, power, stability. That is why we created a unique and highly effective solution: Glute Builder Training.

Build it up

Five dedicated pieces (three of which are brand new) biomechanically crafted to target glute
development. Built with the experience of top-level athletes and coaches, Glute Builder
Training strengthens the lower body while also creating an amazing shape.


Laser-focused glute training

Pure Hip Thrust revamps an all-time favourite exercise. Its big, multi-angle platform offers three different foot positions for diversified muscle activation. The ergonomic pelvic pad swivels open for easy access and reduces undesired pressure on the pelvic area.


The perfect tool for lower body development

Reap all the benefits of squatting with Pure Hack Squat. Its safety handles, stop hooks and extra-large foot platform ensure you can securely perform multiple variations of squats and lunges. Use the loading and de-loading elastic band anchors to get the right resistance for your needs.


Maximise glute activation

Make progress in your glute training by using plate-loaded equipment. With a tailor-made Physio Cam and elastic band anchors, the Pure Standing Abductor optimises glute activation across the whole range of movement. The big pads and long handles offer superior comfort to everyone with no additional adjustment needed.


The whole posterior chain matters

When it comes to glute workouts, training hamstrings is a non-negotiable. The pad’s position on the Standing Leg Curl slightly stretches the hips to protect the spine and enhance muscle activation. Advanced users can use the handle for assisted eccentric training.


Unleash your lower body’s potential

A unique, multi-joint movement. Pure Rear Kick’s biomechanics and spacious platform are designed for diversified muscle activation of the glute and lower body. The Bodyprint padding ensures your body is comfortable and stabilised as you work out.

Pure gets bigger

Hip Thrust, Hack Squat and Standing Abductor are joined by two other new additions to the Pure line: Seated Calf and Pullover.
Such a complete set of equipment makes Pure the ideal choice for maximising performance.