Vision and Strategy

Technogym is known worldwide as “The Wellness Company.” Our mission is to become a world-leading wellness solution provider.


Our mission is to help people feel well by promoting a wellness lifestyle that is dedicated to optimal physical and mental wellbeing.


Wellness means:

  • Energy and vitality
  • Efficiency in any situation
  • Feeling at ease with ourselves and others


All our efforts are focused upon finding high quality, innovative and engaging solutions to help people achieve personal wellness.


Our mission is to become a world leader among wellness solution providers.


We do not limit ourselves to the production of fitness equipment alone, but we also provide services, devices and content, thus allowing us to create customized wellness solutions for private customers and professionals alike.


Our strategy for promoting the wellness lifestyle is built upon the concept of the “Technogym Ecosystem,” where wellness products and services are made available to people wherever and whenever they want.


Within this ecosystem:


  • Each person can find and access information and training programs on any machine, in any worldwide location, and from any personal device (mobile, tablet, smart TV, PC, mywellness key, etc.) – thus becoming part of a global community of people dedicated to wellness.


  • Professional facility operators can manage, engage and guide their customers anytime and anywhere, thus creating new opportunities to enhance customer appeal and loyalty.