The UNITY console is the first android-based cardio unit on the market that combines design and advanced technology to provide an engaging and entirely customized user experience.

Innovative & intuitive

The UNITY console is the first android-based cardio unit on the market that allows gym members to stay connected with their fitness clubs and lifestyles wherever they go. The UNITY console works like a tablet and boasts a range of innovative, intuitive features, including TV, Bluetooth® music transmission, Skype, Internet, and games, as well as personalized training programs and virtual outdoor training scenarios. Available on the ARTIS, Personal and Excite+ lines, the UNITY console is the perfect way to keep users engaged, motivated, and entertained while working out.

The Technogym® Ecosystem

The UNITY console is an integral part of Technogym’s Ecosystem of machinery, apps, content, and services, all of which are interconnected with Technogym’s mywellness® cloud-based platform, which allow operators and members to stay connected with their personal content and training data whenever and wherever they like.

Replicating outdoor runs

The MyRunning Logbook is an exclusive UNITY application that allows users to replicate their favorite outdoor runs on the gym treadmill using compatible mobile apps, such as RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, and Strava, or else through wearable tracking devices like those by Garmin and Polar.

Personalized contents

Users can personalize their workout experience by setting up a personal profile that automatically links to their favorite training programs, apps, websites, and TV channels once they log in.

UNITY remembers you

Thanks to patent pending User Content Sync technology, all the user's content is stored from one workout to the next, with no need to re-enter the username or password, reset the gaming level, or re-adjust the training preferences.

Log in however you like

Users can log in to the UNITY platform in a number of ways: by scanning the QR code, by placing their smartphone near the NFC reader (thanks to the patent pending User ID technology), or by inserting their Technogym or mywellness key. By logging in, users can access their mywellness account, as well as their preferred settings.



Combining running ergonomics with the innovative UNITY™ system, an advanced digital interface designed to provide a personalized training experience, exclusive on-trend programs, and cutting-edge connectivity (including live calls via Skype), the ARTIS Run unit represents the state-of-the-art in treadmill technology.

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Run Personal

The Run Personal is the ideal treadmill for people in search of a professional training experience on equipment with an inimitable design, complete with cutting-edge UNITY entertainment technology and a built-in webcam for making live calls via Skype.

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Enjoy the natural sensation of running on an adaptive surface and the unique, engaging user experience the UNITY™ 3.0 digital console provides.

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