The Wellness Valley Project

In 2002, Nerio Alessandri publicly proclaimed his vision to transform the Emilia Romagna region into the first international wellness district by investing in its social, historical, artistic, natural and agricultural resources.

The idea evolved into the Wellness Valley Project, which is dedicated to creating a network of individuals and organizations throughout the region who are committed to promoting the wellness lifestyle.

The Wellness Valley Project's activities are geared towards creating advantages. Throughout the region its initiatives are aimed at improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. Outside the region, its projects are aimed at attracting tourists and workers in search of a stimulating and welcoming environment.

Technogym’s headquarters – Technogym Village – is the gateway to the Wellness Valley Project; it's the starting point for any visitors who want to learn more about how Emilia Romagna's advanced facilities are helping to promote the wellness lifestyle.



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