Prof. Myra Nimmo

Myra Nimmo BSc PhD is a Professor of Exercise Physiology and the Dean of the School of Sport Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University. 

After earning her degree in physiology and competing in the Olympics, she committed herself to a career in exercise science. Her early work on skeletal muscle metabolism and the physical challenges faced by athletes naturally led her to focus upon the more basic science of the mechanisms behind adaptation, and more specifically upon the role of inflammation and recovery in the exercise adaptation process. These basic scientific studies were paralleled by work closer to the second translation gap conducted with multidisciplinary teams.


Current work

She continues to investigate the interplay of exercise and inflammation and how these mechanisms can be manipulated to optimize exercise interventions in elite athletes, as well as those suffering from Type 2 diabetes.


UK Government Advisor

Prof. Nimmo is currently Chair of the National Center for Sport and Exercise Medicine – a British consortium of three Universities and three National Health Service Trusts that's dedicated to attracting research funding, advising the government, and providing educational and clinical services to elite and recreational athletes, NHS and private patients, as well as clinicians and healthcare professionals.



She is also co-Director of the Sport Research Institute in Singapore, which was established thanks to a partnership between the Nanyang Technological University and Loughborough University.