Wellness Travel Trends 2016

With exercise becoming a more accessible and important part of modern society, the demand for Health, Fitness and wellbeing has become evident.

Add to that, the fact that Wellness conscious travellers spend 130% more than average global travellers (Hotel News Now), hotels are looking to add services and products that cater directly to the sporty and active.

We looked into the Wellness Travel Trends of 2016:

Wellness Suites

Wellness Room
Considering the increased demand for fitness in recent years, it has become apparent that the hotel industry has taken the opportunity to provide quality products and services to consumers.

Additionally, some hotels have re-invented the idea of in-house fitness and are now including Technogym products inside special Wellness suites. Consider that top clients might prefer to train in the comfort and privacy of their room.  Pamper each guest with personalized solutions, and treat them to an unforgettable Wellness experience.

On the Go

The digital revolution has changed the habits and expectations of consumers. Hotels are evolving to offer their services to new generations of digitally savvy clients.
The possibilities are infinite when it comes to digital interactions within a hotel. The more a hotel is willing to adapt and provide the type of service its clients expect, the more clients are going to return to that same hotel.

Technogym’s MyWellness connected ecosystem is the complete solution for hotels that provides guests with personalized and cured experiences. By simply logging in to a Technogym machine, clients will have access to the same content as they have at home or at their gym.

Group Activities

Activities such as Technogym Group Cycle and the OMNIA group classes make working out a fun and engaging social experience.  Where space allows, providing an interactive communal space is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the industry.
Group exercising is an increasing trend as people love to train together for moral support, competition and a feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves. Such workouts performed in group environments can provide unforgettable experiences leading to higher brand loyalty, positive reviews and return on investment.

2016 is about flexibility. Guests love having the possibility to decide whether to train at a wellness facility, to participate in a class activity or to train in the comfort of their rooms. Providing such diverse but personalized solutions is the key to garnering a substantial percentage of the wellness travellers.