The 42 Olympic Disciplines


Less than 100 days separate us from the start of the Olympic games in Brazil. We take a look at all the Olympic disciplines from Archery to Wrestling.
306 total medals will be distributed amongst the 42 Olympic sport disciplines.


A Little History

There is no doubt that the modern day Olympic Games have come a long way since the first ancient event was held in Greece in 776 BC. In the ancient Olympics, there was just one sporting event - the 200 yard dash, known as a stadium. Compare that with the upcoming 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio, where there will be 28 Olympic sports in the competition across 42 disciplines, including two new additions: golf and rugby sevens, which were both agreed to be added to the 2016 Summer Olympics at the IOC session in Copenhagen, Denmark, back in 2009.


2016 Olympic sports

The list of the 42 sport disciplines that will take centre stage in the 2016 Olympics in Rio are: