Technology Puts a New Take on Indoor Cycling

In the early 1990’s indoor group cycling quickly became the hot new group exercise trend in health clubs all over the country. Its popular group exercise format utilizes specially designed stationary cycles that are modeled after road bikes, with heavy flywheels and friction-driven resistance. Throughout the class the instructor takes participants on an imaginary course by cueing them to increase or decrease resistance and change riding positions. Each cyclist is in charge of selecting his or her own difficulty level by adjusting resistance manually. Individual results and progress are traditionally monitored through self-observation of cadence, heart rate and perceived level of exertion.

Over the past two decades, indoor group cycling has remained an ideal activity for exercisers looking for a low-impact, high reward workout with the added benefits of group comradery, competition and simplicity. However, while other areas of the fitness industry moved forward, the technology, class format and fitness monitoring capabilities in group cycling classes remained practically stagnant. After a decline in popularity in the early 2000’s, new interactive, cloud-connected cycling technology is finally putting a new take on indoor cycling, making health club operators more eager than ever to stay competitive with independent studios.

Leading fitness manufacturer, Technogym, is at the forefront of cycling evolution with the release of its cloud-connected Group Cycle Connect line. These cycles allow users to log in to their mywellness accounts from the console. Training data is sent from each console to the instructor’s UNITY SELF Kiosk via Wi-Fi. The Group Cycle App allows the trainer to control the video screen to display data, start competitions and play videos and music. On an individual level, the rider’s data is sent to their mywellness account on the cloud where they can monitor and share their progress with a variety of engaging charts, graphs and data points.

Studies show that a feeling of community plays a significant role in member engagement and retention. The Group Cycle Connect line allows exercisers to immerse themselves in a greater fitness community, staying connected through social media, competitions and communication with personal trainers. This simple, turn-key solution is cloud-based and virtually wire-free, allowing club operators to effectively compete with independent cycling studios and still have flexibility to make the most of their shared exercise spaces.

A recent nationwide survey commissioned by Technogym a revealed that seventy-seven percent of Millennials would like their workouts to be as interactive as possible, and personalized to meet their individual goals. One in five is interested in having access to virtual competition and 39 percent feel that sharing workouts via social media is important. The Group Cycle Connect meets these goals, ushering in a new age of connected, community-driven fitness that promises to capture the interest of a new generation of exercisers.

Learn more about Group Cycle Connect here.