SKILLMILL - Train like an athlete to look, feel and perform like an athlete

Power, agility, stamina and speed: these are the key attributes of all Olympic,elite athletes and sports professionals.  They are the aspects strived for by those who are dedicated to fitness and/or improving their sports performance.

People who go to the gym regularly are often inspired by sporting icons, whether that is football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, heroic Olympian Kelly Holmes, or Italian international rugby legend Martin Castrogiovanni.

They want to look like athletes, to feel like them, to perform like them, and to train like them.  Gyms have been quick to recognize this and have moved to adopt various classes (like HITT, indoor cycling classes and CrossFit), while Personal Trainers (PTs) have compiled complete training programs tailored to their customers’ desires to lose weight, tone, get stronger and so on.

All these aspects combined together can help move the gym users along their particular wellness and fitness journey.  However, each of these fitness classes, and indeed traditional gym equipment, would typically work on one or perhaps two of those four key attributes of power, agility, stamina and speed.  They do not currently cater for improving all four at the same time.

Even programs designed by PTs can struggle to have the desired effects in the short-term, even for the most goal oriented gym goer.  As a result, this can add significant time onto achieving the results.

Recognizing this, Technogym has created a complete training methodology that has the wellness brand’s Olympic heritage at its heart.  Athletic Performance Training is designed to improve the Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility of everyday athletes and gym goers.  Not only is it a completely new and highly effective training discipline, it means there are all the benefits of professional sports training in the comfort of a gym – it is now possible to literally train like an athlete and achieve excellent and lasting results quickly.

With  SKILLMILL™, Technogym has designed a completely revolutionary new product that breaks the mold of traditional fitness equipment.  It is the only non-motorized product available today that combines in one solution training specifically for all of the four key aspects of elite athletes: Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility.  It also decreases the carbon footprint due it not having a motor, which means lower electricity costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

From sprinting to power development, users can maximize their performance potential by taking advantage of the full speed-resistance spectrum.  From sprinting to sled pushing, metabolic conditioning is extremely efficient and easy to achieve due to the patent pending MULTIDRIVE technology.

 Performance is driven across the full speed-resistance spectrum in three ways by MULTIDRIVE:

Variable Resistance

Ranging from zero to maximum, users are able to choose varying levels of reactive resistance.  This helps accelerate the training potential of the main physical skills and achieve optimum speeds by simply moving the ergonomic MULTIDRIVE gear lever whatever the resistance and whatever the speed.  Very quickly, users are able to switch from non-resisted running to a full-on sled push.  It is the complete variable resistance solution for speed, power and cardio stamina training.

Increased Metabolic Rate

Resistance directly affects the rate at which you consume oxygen.  For example, by shifting gear to increase the resistance then even power walking on the SKILLMILL will significantly increase the metabolic rate of the user due to the extra effort required to move the treadmill.  Far more energy is therefore required compared to walking at the same speed on traditional treadmills or on non-motorized treadmills that have no resistance.

Maximum Muscle Activation

This one product combines and enhances all the benefits of, for example, kneeling squats, deadlifts and sumo deadlifts, according to EMG (Electromyography) studies conducted by Sports & Rehab Engineering Lab, University of Padova, Italy.  They highlight that there is a “significantly higher activation of the posterior chain, in particular glutes and hamstrings, compared to traditional treadmills”.  Compared to kneeling squats, deadlifts and sumo deadlifts (which require different techniques and are by their very nature different strength and power training workouts), the sled pushing exercise on the SKILLMILL delivers greater activation of the hip extensor muscles and the same level as in the aforementioned glute-targeted exercises.

Sport-specific design for maximum impact and specificity

Being non-motorized and with a curved treadmill design, SKILLMILL uses gravity and simple movements for motion variables – speed is increased by moving to the front of the surface, while slowing down occurs by moving to the back.

Reacting immediately to the demands of the user, it can accelerate rapidly from a standing start and will maintain whatever speed the user wishes to run or walk at.  There is no need to touch a button or lose focus by looking at a console panel whenever the user wants to change speed, no matter how dramatic that change is.

Further specificity and flexibility has been integrated into the dual handlebar, which is the ideal complement to the MULTIDRIVE resistance.  It ensures that users of different heights and sizes are able to safely perform a variety of exercise while maintaining the correct posture.  Whether performing high pushes or low pushes, users are able to take advantage of the long and ergonomically designed dual handlebar to maximize muscle activation without having to adjust any settings before the workout or have to waste time and lose momentum by stopping to make an adjustment.

Athletic Performance Training

SKILLMILL epitomizes the Athletic Performance Training methodology – it increases physical performance by adhering to the fundamental principles at the heart of exercise programs:


  • Expand Work Capacity – to achieve the most effective results and benefits for the main physical skills of Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility, this principle focuses on using SKILLMILL for High Intensity Interval Training (HITT).


  • Enhance Abilities – this new training discipline also improves the body’s ability to carry out complex and difficult movements that require neuromuscular coordination, from basic gradual progression, to advanced fundamental movements instead of users needing to do separate exercises (often in different places).


  • Ensure Full Safety – preventing injury and avoiding health risks through poor posture, incorrect form and wrong movements is a critical aspect of the Athletic Performance Training methodology and is embraced by SKILLMILL’s ergonomic design and also the on-board console (on the SKILLMILL Connect and Console) that displays vital health statistics.


The previous article on Athletic Performance Training provides detail each of the above three principles.

The revolutionary SKILLMILL and Technogym’s new Athletic Performance Training methodology is the complete Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility training solution that is perfect for Class Training – complete functional training sessions bring the teamwork principles and performance goals from real athletes training for their next competition to the gym.  Likewise, Small Group Circuits have the same benefits but with a greater degree of personalization.

The dream of looking like athletes, feeling like athletes, performing like them, and training like them is over.  The reality is here.