Rio 2016 Olympic games: an overview

Olympics 2016: Some figures and interesting facts concerning this edition on locations, athletes and countries

Actors involved

From the 5th to the 21st of August 2016, Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 31st edition of the Olympic Games. The Olympic torch relay has already begun and will take 90 days until it arrives in Rio on August 5th. Around 10.500 athletes from 206 countries are expected to participate to 306 competitions. Beyond athletes, many other people will fill up the Olympic area: 70.000 volunteers who will collaborate with the organization of the event, 85.000 soldiers and policeman for security and all the fans who will attend the competitions. In addition to the most popular sports, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball, there will be many others, among which this year’s new entries: rugby and golf, which return to the Olympics after 92 and 112 years respectively.

Location and food

The sport events will take place in four different areas of Rio: Copacabana for beach volleyball; Barra, where the Olympic Park is located; Deodoro, for aquatics, bicycle motocross and equestrian races; and Maracanã, where there are two large stadiums and where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held. Fans bought 7.5 million tickets, which cost from $40 for some swimming events to almost $3.000 for the opening ceremony. 60.000 meals will be served every day, offering Brazilian staples like rice and beans and

Vinicius, the mascot

The mascot chosen for Rio 2016 is a yellow and blue creature, which is similar to a cat or a monkey and represents Brazilian wildlife. Its name is “Vinicius”, after the Brazilian musician Venicius de Moraes, who made up the “Bossa Nova”, a popular musical genre.
barbecued meat with other kinds of local food.

The mascotte Vinicius of Olympics In Rio of 2016


Furthermore, nearly 2.500 gold, silver and bronze medals were produced according to strict sustainability criteria; their design celebrates the relationship between the strengths of Olympic heroes and the forces of nature.

Fair play

Concluding, the 2016 Olympics slogan is “to create a better world and leave this as a legacy to the generations to come”, inspired by a famous statement by De Coubertin «In the Olympic Oath, I ask only one thing: fair play».