Functionality and design for your gym

In this month's Wellness Design™ feature we present six Home Gym examples based on the Personal equipment range.

The Personal range features Kinesis® Personal, Run Personal and as of this year, Recline Personal. These items stand out due to their mix of professional-level functionality with high-end design.

- In our first example, a gym of 30m2, the new, hi-tech Recline Personal and the Run Personal have been chosen for cardio workouts, and Unica has been selected for full weight training. The project set-up is particularly interesting because the gym fits in perfectly with the "natural" environment: there are full length windows at either side, and one side backs on to a private garden. The result is a particularly bright space.

- The second proposal is a perfect compromise between weight and cardio training. In the 25m2 area we have set up a Kinesis®Personal and a Run Personal, along with weights and theAdjustable Bench for muscle strengthening. By optimising the amount of space available, it was also possible to add a Wellness Pad and Wellness Ball™ for stretching. The standout feature of this solution is the way it makes the most of the available space, as well as its overall mix of style and functionality.

- This area of just 15m2 is on a terrace looking onto the sea. In it we can see a Vario, a Group Cycle and a Kinesis® Personal Heritage with LED TV which makes basic training even more enjoyable. The available space has been exploited to the fullest and with style.
The choice of a leather Kinesis® Personal Heritage and the addition of a Wellness Ball™ for developing the upper body adds a touch of class and luxury to the surroundings as well as functionality.

- This solution is intriguing in that it features two adjacent rooms containing the same equipment. The total area of 20m2 is split into two spaces with 3 machines in each, completely respecting the need to move around and overall accessibility. Run Personal, Kinesis®Personal Heritage and Vario have been chosen in order to focus on functional cardio workouts.

- This luxurious proposal has60m2 of space available. Wellness Design™ was able to combine a gym with a sauna and multi-sensor shower area. The gym features Run Personal and Kinesis® Personal Heritage, cardio equipment from the Forma range (Run, Cross and Wellness System™), Flexability Posterior and Anterior for stretching and an area for floor stretching and relaxation with a Wellness Pad and Wellness Ball™.

- In this 40m2 Wellness Space, the Wellness Design™ service team has succeeded in guaranteeing maximum comfort and convenience by adding a sauna and shower area to the wellness space. In the gym area, the combination of Run Personal and Kinesis® Personal with the convenience and comfort of two Wellness Ball™sis absolutely perfect.

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