Equipped with Technology, Instructors reap Cycle of Success

When it comes to indoor cycling classes, success depends heavily on the instructor. An instructor with the right training, tools and motivation can attract members and keep retention rates high. On the flip side, an instructor that lacks tools and education can quickly send members headed to a new facility.

Indoor cycling instructors control the pace, flow and format of every class. They choose the music and interact with riders to provide motivation. They also assist exercisers in navigating the class safely to avoid injuries and maximize progress. One of the best ways to monitor the safety and progress of an exerciser is with exercise data, such as heart rate, cadence and wattage. Traditionally, these indicators have been difficult for instructors to measure and often required taking breaks during class to count beats or check individual cycle consoles.

Finally, new cycling technology from Technogym will allow indoor cycling instructors to enhance their role as a trainer, coach and motivator while  also enriching the overall class experience. Technogym’s new Group Cycle Connect, allows users to log in to their mywellness accounts on the cycle console. As the rider performs the workout, training data is sent from the console to the instructor’s UNITY SELF Kiosk via Wi-Fi. The Group Cycle App allows the trainer to control a video screen to display data, videos, music and motivational graphics during the indoor cycling class. The instructors  can even use all of this valuable information for competitions and goal setting, without missing a beat.

Suddenly, each rider is automatically a part of an integrated web of cloud-connected data that can be harnessed by the class instructor as a powerful tool for motivation, feedback and analysis. While this is happening, riders can view their own  cycle’s console in order to receive basic feedback on their performance. Users can even share their stats and results on social media to engage with a wider social network.

The added benefit of Group Cycle Connect technology is that it can be utilized across multiple market sectors, adding value to each in a unique way. Cycling instructors and trainers can utilize the technology in any number of scenarios, wherever they teach indoor cycling.

Health clubs can use the Group Cycle Connect’s advanced data reporting features to customize group cycling classes around different group goals. The ability to efficiently track and display biometric feedback means that cycling instructors can direct riders to train for specific goals related to heart rate, wattage or cadence. Then the instructor can report on group and individual progress over time to further motivate and retain participants.

In the medical market, trainers, instructors and health care providers can utilize the technology to keep tabs on their patients and clients. The Group Cycle Connect can monitor the rider before, during and after a workout, providing endless opportunities for rehab, sports performance training and prescriptive fitness programs.

Hotels and resorts can use this technology to effectively position themselves against the competition as a destination property with advanced fitness offerings. Alternately, the Group Cycle Connect classes could be offered to the community for an additional revenue stream.

With this new seamless and engaging technology, indoor cycling instructors now possess the capability to facilitate engaging class atmospheres, explore new opportunities for personalizing classes for each individual and motivate their clients through powerful data collection.

Learn more about Group Cycle Connect here.