All you need to know about stretching

How long must a stretch position be held in order to be considered effective and stimulate the muscles? You will find the answers to this and other questions in this article.

How long must the stretch position be held to be effective and stimulate muscle stretching?

The stretch position, according to Bob Anderson's principles, must be held for from 15 to 30 seconds and, according to current ACSM guidelines, may be held for as long as one minute.
The major muscle groups need to be stretched at least three times a week.

Are exercises involving larger muscle groups or those involving analytical groups more effective?

The most effective exercises are those which involve large muscle groups. For example, effective exercises involving larger muscle groups include squats, pulling exercises at the bar or barbell bench presses.
Exercises that isolate muscle groups serve very important functions when users evolve from beginners to experts.

What is the ideal speed for performing strength exercises?

Current guidelines give various methods for the timing of the concentric (press) and eccentric (return) phases.
In the case of the body toning program, repetitions that are completed in five seconds are acceptable: two seconds during the press phase and three seconds in the return phase.

What is most effective for muscle toning: diet or exercise?

To "tone" your muscles you need regular workout sessions and a balanced diet.
Both training and diet must go hand in hand to maximise the end result, that is a slim and toned body.
Diet will help towards the process of weight loss and re-establishing a correct ratio between lean mass and fat mass, while workouts will produce significant effects at muscular level.

What does toning a muscle mean?

"Toning" a muscle, in the most common usage means to make a muscle more “firm”.
"Firmness" is due to a double effect: on one hand weight loss that decreases the subcutaneous fat and connective layer and on the other hand training of the muscle which increases its volume and makes it stronger.

Which kind of workout is ideal to tone my body?

The ideal workout includes a combination of aerobic stimuli such as running, and strength training performed both with specific equipment or with free weights.
The balanced action of aerobic and strength training will stimulate weight loss and aid muscle growth, without exaggerating, but just enough to tone and define your body.