5 Reasons why you should try small group training

There have been many evolutions and trends in the fitness world. Gym operators have grown with the times and continue to adapt and offer more options to their members in order to keep them engaged. Personal training, group fitness classes, spin, and boot camp are just a few examples of the popular offerings that gym members now participate in.

Both personal training and large group classes are great choices; however, the experience offered differs greatly. For example, personal training creates a tailored, adaptable and more focused fitness experience but is usually higher in price. On the other hand, large group classes lack the same degree of attention but are generally lower in price and more motivating. However, there is an increasingly popular alternative that combines the advantages of both of these options: small group training.

Simply put, small group training is a session where one trainer instructs a small group ranging from four to ten clients .Jason Williams, the Fitness Director and Master Personal Trainer for the Maryland Athletic Club in Baltimore, highlights a few reasons why small group training is advantageous.

5 Benefits of Small Group Training

1. Motivation – Small group training provides a culture of motivated people with the same purpose (it is easier to lose motivation by yourself than it is with multiple people cheering you on).

2. Better results – In a small group training setting, you will push yourself a little bit harder, which will help you and your partners achieve better results.

3. Creativity – There are many exercises you can do in small group training that you cannot do in one-on-one training. For example, partner exercises that incorporate two people are a great way to add flavor to a workout.

4. Accountability – In small group training, you are not only accountable to your trainer, but to your partners as well. Remember: you don’t want to be the weak link in the chain.

5. Cost efficiency- Small group training is affordable for the clients and financially lucrative for the trainer.
So, in conclusion, small group training presents a cost-effective, inspiring and fun experience. It all depends on personal preference, but given all of the positive attributes, why not give it a try the next time you’re at the gym?