• Quality certifications

    Quality is our driver, Social Commitment and Workplace Safety our Guide, safeguarding our environment our promise

    A single approach: Total Quality “Number one for personal values, speed of innovation, affirmation of the products and excellence of service.”

    To be recognized by Clients as Partners means for Technogym® to excel in the quality of our products and services and to pay close attention to detail, reliability, efficiency and our image.

    A Coherent Social Commitment

    The Technogym® mission is to reach far beyond the standards already in place in order to further reinforce the safeguarding of the environment, the social commitment and security and hygiene at work. Technogym® intends to contribute in a very concrete and active way to help improve society at all different levels. To do this, our company intends to even further strengthen its commitment through a targeted undertaking of responsibilities aimed at issues and behaviours with strong social implications through:

    • Respect of the individual and Social Circumstances
    • Safeguard of Work activities and related opportunities
    • Social Development in the field which we are operating in
    • Safeguard of the environment

    The Certification Project: an extra guarantee

    To guarantee our commitment to such a responsibility, Technogym® directs its own managerial system processes and guides behaviours and choices of everybody in the company by sharing internationally recognized standards and certified systems for Quality management, as well as for a Social and environmental responsibility.

    Total Quality as a state of mind is the path the company has chosen to guarantee a continually improved, transparent and reliable relationship with the customer.

    The Technogym® group is dedicated to promote and sustain the culture of Total Quality through the structure of our Management System to guarantee:

    • Involvement, Motivation and Valuing of people
    • Development and Innovation of Products/Services
    • Active involvement of Suppliers
    • Optimization and Controlling of processes
    • Client Satisfaction

    In line with its mission and Corporate Management Policy, Technogym® has for many years now driven the processes of its management and production systems and has guided the behaviour and choices of its suppliers through shared, internationally recognised standards, such as theISO9001 and ISO13485 Quality Certificates, the ISO14001 Environment Certificate, and theOHSAS18001 Health and Safety at Work Certificate.

  • Relive your outdoor runs at home

    MYRUNNING LOGBOOK enables you to reproduce your favorite outdoor runs on MYRUN TECHNOGYM®. Track your outdoor sessions using the Technogym App or other compatible apps and devices in order to repeat each performance when you want and where you want.

  • Programs for all of your goals

    With MYRUN TECHNOGYM® your training becomes even more fun and effective. You can plan exercises, training sessions, and routines shaped around your personal needs or goals.

    Training programs* help you improve your running technique with targeted exercises.

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  • Run to the beat

    RUNNING MUSIC chooses the songs from your playlist that are best suited to the rhythm of your run, making MYRUN TECHNOGYM® the first music-interactive treadmill ever.

  • Improve your run

    The RUNNING RATE (patent pending) index developed by Technogym® will help you run better and reduce the risk of injury. If you increase your step frequency, but keep your speed constant, your RUNNING RATE will be higher: shorter, more frequent steps could help you run more efficiently and reduce running surface impact.

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  • Join our Personal Trainer network

  • Train outdoors or indoors with the App

  • Wellness Cards to improve your lifestyle

  • The Technogym App measures your MOVERGY - your personal daily movement index.

  • Technogym App

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