The Wellness Pad is an exercise mat designed to support floor or stretching exercises. Suitable for all your day-to-day training needs including flexibility and strength training exercises. Wellness Pad’s practical design opens up from a stylish bag into a stretching mat with a series of exercises printed on the inside. It comes with a black detachable shoulder strap and an exercise manual. This product combines functionality and design to become the best exercise mat as a fitness accessory. The combination of Wellness Bag and Wellness Pad creates the first and exclusive portable gym kit.

Technogym A0000163AA

Wellness Pad

The Wellness Pad opens up from a stylish bag into an outstretched floor mat. It’s an excellent accessory for helping the user comfortably perform floor stretching and strength exercises to improve flexibility and general well being wherever they are.
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Inclusive of shipping Shipping and delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, the US Territories, and barrier islands requiring a ferry service is available, however rates and delivery lead times will vary.
Technogym offers premium transportation and installation services, with maximum attention to detail. Installation includes the assembly and positioning of the equipment, comprehensive testing, and the final cleaning of the installation area. The services can be booked for the date and time that best suits your schedule.
Accessories included:
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Exercise manual
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