Your in-room wellness solution

Technogym Case Kit is the full solution featuring a smart range of tools, functionally packed in a high-end design bag and completed by a library of training video contents, for an efficient workout.

Speed up your recovery

The wellness tools inside the Technogym Case are designed to help your guests recover and feel refreshed after their long trip. A workout with these tools will help guests stay active, re-energize their bodies, and release a rush of positive post-exercise hormones!

Wellness tools included:

Exercise Mat

The Exercise Mat is designed for guests to perform a multitude of floor-based exercises. It's made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber without toxic foaming agents, and the surface layer has a protective layer made from flexible, 100% recyclable jelly.

Foam Roller and Mobility Ball

Restore optimal circulation to muscles and reduce muscular stiffness associated with travel.

Resistance Bands

These power bands have three levels of resistance, and are designed for guests to perform upper body, core, or lower body resistance exercises.

Loop Bands

Loop bands are perfect for lower-body exercises. They have three levels of resistance and can be used to perform a multitude of exercises.

The Case


Compact yet spacious, the Technogym Case is an elegant addition to your rooms.

technogym case kit

Extra room

Designed to optimize space, the Technogym Case is elastic and flexible. Its pockets seamlessly store the wellness tools, and smart icons facilitate fast repacking and housekeeping.

Virtual trainer included

A QR code on the bag tag provides immediate guest access to a virtual trainer.

Elegant and robust

Made from 100% leather, the Technogym Case is designed with an additional protective layer to guard against wear and tear.

Thermal pocket

The front side features a thermal pocket with a yellow waterproof zip to store hot or cold beverages.

Technogym Case Virtual Trainer

In-room workouts were never this easy thanks to the brand-new Virtual Trainer, offering guided routines focused on the needs of travelers on the go.

technogym case kit scan the QR code

Scan the QR code

Simply scan the tag attached to the Technogym Case with the camera or your device.

technogym case kit discover the app

Discover the app

Access the wide range of workout routines with no need to download or log in to an app.

technogym case kit enjoy your training

Enjoy your training

Workout with Technogym Master Trainers by connecting the content to your room TV for a more engaging experience!

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