Technogym A0001029-KGKNR


Empower your training with the all-encompassing SKILLTOOLS KIT. Designed around the SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING method, this set is meant to support and refine every kind of workout. From the mobility and warm-up phase to the actual workout and cool down, SKILLTOOLS are the perfect partner for any training aimed at developing work capacity and enhancing abilities.
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The kit contains the following items:
Foam Roller (4 pc)
Mobility Stick (4 pc)
Jump Rope (4 pc)
Balance Pad (2 pc)
Power Band (1 set)
Cones (8 pc)
Wellness Ball (2 pc)
Medicine Ball 6 kg (2 pc)
Medicine Ball 9 kg (2 pc)
Slam Ball 5 kg (2 pc)
Slam Ball 10 kg (2 pc)
Speed Ladder (1 pc)
Storage + Accessory Storage Rope + Accessory Storage Stick (1 pc)
The SKILLTOOLS KIT is also available in the US version with Medicine Balls (14 lbs, 20 lbs) and Slam Balls (15 lbs, 25 lbs).
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