If you find running on a conventional treadmill takes away the power, agility, and even the fun of running on the track or road then try stepping onto our Technogym Skillmill Curved Treadmill. On the Skillmill, you totally control the speed and power of your run by the pace you set. When a treadmill is curved, its running belt dips in the middle rather than being laid across a flat plane while the motorized belt is replaced by a manual one. As it is self-powered, every step you take propels the treadmill forward. This requires more movement and effort from you, giving your body a harder workout while engaging more muscles than during a conventional treadmill workout. There are two designs in the Technogym Skillmill range, both engineered with Italian panache to look good in any home gym. The Skillmill Console has a self-powered display that stores and shows your training data such as resistance level, distance, speed, and (if you have Bluetooth-connected devices) your heart rate. The console on the Skillmill Connect is WiFi-enabled allowing you to enjoy the benefits of mywellness, the Technogym cloud-based training platform.

Curved Treadmills vs Flat Treadmills: The Differences

There are two main differences between a curved treadmill and a conventional treadmill. When considering whether to invest in a treadmill with a curved belt rather than a flat one, the first difference you need to consider is the design. The Technogym Skillmill features a curved running surface that dips in the middle rather than a flat one laid across motorized runners. This enables you to move at exactly the speed you want. Move to the front of the belt to speed it up while moving to the back of the belt slows it down. Secondly, the Skillmill is powered solely by you. Each stride you take creates friction that moves the belt down and back. The faster you run, the faster it goes.

Benefits of Training with the Curved Treadmill: The Muscles Used

Once you start using your Technogym Skillmill, you'll soon see the range and scope of curved treadmill benefits. Your ability to control the motion and speed of the Technogym Skillmill combined with adjustable dual handlebars ensures that every run maximizes muscle engagement and proper posture. Set different resistance levels to run even harder on the curved surface while alternating between resistance-free running and sled pushing against the resistance speeds up your metabolic rate as well as working your glutes, calves, and hamstrings even harder. As running on the curved platform is harder work than running on a flat surface, you have the added benefit of burning more calories while improving your oxygen uptake, speeding up your heart rate, and increasing your cadence, are training positives. The curved shape also promotes a more natural stride with more emphasis on running off the balls of your feet. This reduces stress on the joints. More emphasis is also placed on balance which leads to an improvement in your core strength over time.

Workouts on curved running beds

If you are new to working out on a treadmill with a curved surface, it's important to take some time practicing on it before attempting serious routines. The moving belt will feel heavier than the flat one found on a conventional treadmill while accelerating, holding a steady pace, slowing down, and even stopping can all take a little getting used to. Start off by positioning yourself towards the front of the treadmill so that your foot pulls the treadmill back as it lands. At the same time, you can drive your arms to maintain momentum or place them in different positions on the handlebars to engage different muscle groups. Running on a curved belt involves harder work than running on a conventional treadmill, which means they're particularly good for time-based workouts. When you know the amount of time you have to run for, it's easier to put more effort into each and every stride. Once you've set up your mywellness account, our expert Virtual Trainers will lead you through a wealth of training routines but here are two examples of a curved treadmill workout, one for beginners and a more advanced routine.

A Beginner's Workout

Warm-up: aim to gradually raise your heart rate as you practice your technique 4 minutes
Rest 1 minute
Run as hard as you can 45 seconds Repeat 6 – 10 times
Slow walk 1 minute
Cool-down: walk steadily as you bring your heart rate and breathing under control 4 minutes

A More Advanced Workout

Warm-up: walk while holding handlebars. Gradually increase speed to raise your heart rate 2 minutes(1 – 5 times)
Walk without holding handlebars 1 minute
Jog 2 minutes
Jog 30 seconds 3 times
Run 30 seconds
Step off the machine and do 20 squats
Sprint 30 seconds (3 times)
Walk 30 seconds
Sprint 45 seconds (5 times)
Walk 30 seconds
Cool-down: walk 2 minutes

Technogym skillmill-configurable


Increase your speed, metabolic rate and glute and hamstring muscle activation, by alternating between resistance-free running and sled pushing against resistance.
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