Exercise bikes

Functional training equipment, allows you to workout harder and longer, training flexibility, helping reduce the likelihood of injury and improving your day-to-day performance.

Functional training equipment redefines performance

Functional training equipment have long been an invaluable piece of equipment for personal trainers, but they have more recently become a popular and effective addition to gyms as well. Functional fitness equipment are available in a number of different forms, encouraging optimized training for a wide range of aspirations and goals while improving everyday wellness.

Functional training equipment engineered for Excellence

Technogym Functional training equipment is designed on three main pillars:

  •     Ability levels: people of all skill levels will be able to benefit from Technogym functional fitness equipment with the help of Skillathletic Training, which improves user ability gradually and safely.
  •     Needs: our functional training equipment is endlessly adaptable to make sure that it meets the needs of each user depending on their choice of exercise, the intensity, duration and frequency of the workout.
  •     Aspirations: helping you meet your fitness goals whatever they involve while making exercise more attractive and motivating.

  • Selected functional fitness training equipment allows users and trainers to track performance using our MyWellness cloud-based platform, so you can see immediate improvement as it happens, as well as providing visualization of how your work is helping you achieve your ideal fitness goals.

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