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SOS Health: young people are inactive

February 2018

The WHO - World Health Organization shares alarming statistics on an increasingly current topic: Globally, 81% of adolescents aged 11-17 years are not sufficiently physically active, leading to a 20% to 30% increased risk of death.
In an updated document, the World Health Organization explains how physical inactivity plays a key role in the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer and assures they are working on a new global action plan, to reduce by 10% the percentage of physically inactive people by 2025.
Sensitizing new generations to the culture of sport, wellness and physical exercise is essential to ensure sustainable social and economic development for the future, especially in the scenario in which we live; NCD – non-communicable diseases, caused by bad habits such as sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol - are in fact the first cause of premature death in the world.
Aware of the importance of spreading a culture of health and prevention, for over 25 years Technogym and Wellness Foundation have promoted the wellness lifestyle worldwide as a social opportunity at different levels: for Governments, which thanks to prevention-oriented policies can lower health care cost, for Companies investing in wellness programs for their employees can count on a more creative and productive staff and for citizens who, thanks to regular exercise, can live a longer and happier life.

A better world is possible

To put into practice this important strategy, Technogym has launched the global campaign Let's Move for a Better World, which leverages technology and Technogym’s related products to motivate people to move more and share their training results with the global Technogym community across the whole world, which today counts about 40 million people in 100 countries.
The mission of this campaign is to spread awareness of the benefits of regular exercise through a fun, competitive yet embracing challenge. In other words, around 1000 fitness and wellness centers in 30 countries around the world will compete against one another in a battle of MOVES – Technogym’s unit for measuring movement.

SOS from the World Health Organization: 81% of young people are not sufficiently physically active

Thanks to the Technogym Ecosystem, members of the participating clubs can measure the movement performed and donate their MOVEs on MyWellness Cloud, the first cloud-based platform.
Upon reaching predefined targets of movement, each Club can win Technogym equipment to donate to schools, hospitals or any other non-profit association of its choice.
The more active the clubs are, the more Moves they will collect ... and the bigger the donation will be!

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