From yoga parties to wellness disco: fun for wellness

Rave parties, discos and parties usually come with a very high alcohol content: when we talk about nightlife, nothing that comes to mind seems to be very much in agreement with the concept of wellness. It will be a little rhetorical, yet it cannot be denied that there is still the rule that the counterbalance of an evening of fun is the feeling of having made your body live a somewhat traumatic experience, which then needs days of rest and detox. However, the trend of a healthy lifestyle is constantly growing, and entertainment is also taking on new forms, increasingly compatible with the balanced lifestyle of those who have chosen to live a healthy life.

Daybreaker: a disco in reverse

It all starts with a yoga session to warm up your muscles, followed by a surprise fitness experience, and then you dance for two hours. It starts at 6 am and continues until 9 am, when everyone leaves to go to the office. For some it might sound like a kind of punishment, but it's a rave day party that has attracted nearly half a million people to twenty-two cities, all excited to participate in a unique event never seen before.
The intention of the Daybreaker organizers is explicit: taking all the elements of a disco and to overturn them to give life to an experience that combines physical activity, fun and a social life. By day instead of by night, during the week instead of the weekend, completely alcohol-free, with the aim of bringing together and socializing people who share a passion for wellness, the disco and who want to get in touch without the filters created by alcohol. Instead of cocktails, the venues hosting Daybreaker events offer snacks and breakfast drinks to be consumed during breaks between the yoga lesson and the start of the party itself, which are also the best time to get socializing with other participants.
With the first event in 2013, Daybreaker has already achieved world fame, and the number of fans continues to grow. Has the effect of the happiness chemicals that are naturally produced by the brain when the body is engaged in activities such as yoga, fitness and dance helped its success? The organizers think so. They have even given the event another name. Based on the dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins that the brain produces: The Daybreaker DOSE.

Alcohol-free? A real trend

In the United States, the very land that gave birth to the Daybreaker format, that of alcohol-free social events, is meanwhile turning into a trend. More and more people are choosing to limit alcohol consumption or to eliminate alcoholic beverages from their diet altogether. Movements, festivals and events inspired by this lifestyle choice are multiplying, and many have introduced fitness, yoga or meditation activities into their programmes.
Drink less but keep having fun. To identify the people who share this aspiration, the founders of Club Soda in New York created a neologism: Sober Curious.  Club Soda was created as a space in which to redefine the relationship between people, alcohol and social life. Club Soda also organizes evenings designed to ensure that guests reach what team members call Natural high, the natural high that would result from a combination of authentic and deep conversation and group meditation sessions.
If meditation isn't for you, you can always travel to Los Angeles to participate in a Conscious Family Dinner, an evening of food, music, yoga and self-improvement activities, all strictly alcohol-free. Still in Los Angeles, but also in Chicago, the Bender is an Urban Playground for Body and Soul hosting yoga parties to bring people to share a powerful and immersive experience made of music, energy and, of course, yoga.
The energy from sharing is also the driving force behind The Shine events, which have the mission of creating a fun and welcoming social environment through meaningful personal connections inspired by music, food, short films, storytelling performances and guided group meditation sessions.

The message seems clear: less alcohol, more physical activity and sincere relationships.
Is this the best recipe for having fun?

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