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Technology and innovation: Technogym at Wired Health in Milan with MyWellness

Speaking of health, well-being and technology, Wired, the editorial magazine that stands for innovation, technology and research, organized an event in Milan entitled Wired Health - Innovation for Life, specifically based on technological innovation in the health sector. The event was dedicated to health technologies and organized in collaboration with Humanitas, a highly specialized hospital, research center and teaching headquarters of Humanitas University - an international university dedicated to medical sciences.

Technogym participated in the event with the MyWellness platform, a tool not only useful for training, but also for monitoring users’ health status, improvements and identifying any problems that could be prevented. A digital platform that allows to invest in prevention and reduce rehabilitation costs, thus reducing hospitalization and ensuring constant monitoring of the patient.

Technogym and Wellness innovation

Innovation has always represented a strong element of the Technogym DNA: in 1996 Technogym launched the first software system to manage training at the gym, in 2003 the first TV screen integrated in a fitness equipment, in 2007 the first online fitness equipment and in 2012 the first cloud in the fitness arena connecting people, equipment and fitness facilities. In 30 years the Wellness Company has created a global community of over 35 million people training every day on its products, reinventing the way people access to wellness and health. At the centre of it all is the user, that thanks to Technogym’s connected offer is able to better manage his training experience and wellness in general.
Mywellness redefines wellness and health management by connecting fitness equipment, apps and wearable devices, helping users access their personal data, training programs, and wellness information from all Technogym equipment or smartphones anywhere, anytime. The platform also represents an excellent opportunity for club owners to develop a fully customized Wellness experience for each customer, including:

  • Profilation: thanks to a specific application and body analyzers, Mywellness is able to identify needs, aspirations and specific fitness levels of each user, analyzing the biometric data;
  • Prescription: personal trainers or doctors (in case of specific diseases) can create, manage and update specific training programmes thanks to Mywellness cloud;
  • Protocol: thanks to the connected ecosystem, users can access their training programmes on every single connected Technogym device - both cardio and strength, as well as on those used during the classes - and integrate any wearable device or preferred tracking application;
  • Result test: Mywellness cloud ensures complete data traceability when training on Technogym equipment or outdoor thanks to the possibility of integrating apps and wearable devices.

MyWellness: innovative business scenarios

As for operators in the wellness sector, Technogym Ecosystem allows to develop new business models by offering personalised and engaging wellness experiences anywhere and anytime their clients choose to train.

In addition to fitness and wellness centres, the workplace is undoubtedly a crucial place for effective prevention programmes. Many studies show that fit people are more able to cope with stress and are healthier than those who conduct a sedentary life. That's why most of the world's largest companies are trying to offer their employees wellness programs and health insurance packages. When it comes to health management and welfare programmes, this new technology can open up totally innovative scenarios for a different cooperation between businesses, insurance companies and the health sector.

MyWellness allows to expand your business, managing effectively a larger network of clients
Being able to reach users 24/7, allows to connect to many different partners of the wellness and fitness industry. For example, companies can differentiate their offer for physically active people (therefore less at risk) and reward them on the basis of the physical exercise they perform wherever they want (in fitness clubs, hotels, at home or outdoor) thanks to the Technogym ecosystem, that can monitor the physical activity directly on the fitness equipment or via mobile.

In addition, insurance companies will be able to provide value-added services, such as remote coaching, to promote a behavioural change towards a healthier lifestyle that would translate into more sustainable coverage costs. On the same line, this drive towards a more wellness lifestyle will generate new perspectives for all operators using the MyWellness cloud platform. With Let's Move for a Better World, the social campaign against childhood obesity, Technogym encourages the fight against sedentary lifestyle and motivates more and more people all over the world to move.

Insurance companies will be able to provide value-added services, such as remote coaching, to promote a behavioural change towards a healthier lifestyle that would translate into more sustainable coverage costs.

Customize your workout with UNITY

Speaking of innovation, technology and training, the Wellness Company, year after year, seeks to provide increasingly innovative services to users: UNITY, the interactive interface on Technogym equipment, allows users to train while using their favorite apps - likes Netflix or Skype - and provides a more complete training experience. Users can also download and integrate training data from their personal device onto Unity – which now also compatible with Apple Health, Runkeeper and Strava.

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