Don't stop your outdoor workout during winter

For those who practice sport in an amateur way, the winter can be a pitfall. Low temperatures, adverse weather conditions and even the fear of physical illness can be a deterrent for the non-professional sportsperson, to the point of completely stopping any kind of outdoors activity. Luckily, with a few tricks and a bit of attention and common sense, you can continue outdoor sports even when the mercury column drops to zero. There are many possibilities: from running to trekking, from cycling to team sports such as football or rugby, not to mention the classic winter sports. Two activities are very popular in Europe from December to March: running and cycling.

Training during winter: the importance of the right outfit

Who says you can't go out for a running session in the middle of winter? First of all, you need to be well equipped; in the cold months, adequate technical equipment is even more important. To be sufficiently sheltered but also free in movement, it is preferable to dress in layers, starting with breathable clothing in contact with the skin, continuing with more technical garments, which maintain a constant body temperature, and ending with a windproof jacket that avoids heat loss and protects from wind or rain.
The choice of footwear shouldn’t be secondary: shoes must be made of waterproof fabric and have a non-slip sole, i.e. they must be warm and safe. Moreover, it is essential to cover the extremities of the body and the first to be hit by the cold: it is therefore advisable to cover the head with a cap (also in this case technical and breathable materials are preferable) and the hands with gloves. In winter, however, it is not only the temperatures that drop, even the light is poorer, and for this reason the importance of "being seen" should not be underestimated. When running, especially on city streets, it is essential to wear devices that make you visible even in the dark: reflective bands or flashlights that you can attach to hats or chest are excellent.

Don't be frightened by the cold, keep running.

But being properly dressed is not the only "rule" to respect if you want to do a run outdoors during the winter: an aspect not to be overlooked is that of heating. To avoid muscle traumas, targeted exercises are essential: stretching and walking before starting the race are essential steps for runners of all levels.

Even when it’s a few degrees colder, it won’t diminish your desire to go cycling

If you are one of those who enjoy long bike rides, racing or mountain biking in the summer, then with a few simple tips you can still have fun on your bike in the winter. On a bike, even more than on foot, you need to keep your body warm by protecting it from the icy wind and the harsh climate. Cover your hands, feet and head well. Gloves, hats, socks and shoes made of technical materials fulfil the dual function of protection and breathability. The right clothing keeps the body warm and at the same time facilitates perspiration, preventing excessive perspiration from making it even more sensitive to low temperatures.
However, it is also necessary to pay attention to your trustworthy sports partner: your bike. Use winter tyres, to have more grip on the ground and reduce the risk of falls, and do not forget to equip it, if it is not already, with front and rear lights that help you to see and be seen. In addition, mud, water and salt used to prevent the formation of ice on the roads can be harmful to the bike frame. So, after each ride, take some time to clean your bike. To make these operations easier, specific products can be used, such as silicone sprays designed specifically to protect the frame from harmful agents.

As for runners, also for cyclists it is essential to warm up well before putting the bike on. Do some stretching and start pedalling at a low pace before starting your real workout: you will stay away from muscle trouble and your performance will be better.

Listen to your body

In general, in addition to following technical advice and common sense, it is important to know how to listen to your body, understanding when a sporting activity becomes an excessive effort because of the cold or the effort that is being made. In this case, it is advisable not to proceed further to avoid incurring any muscle damage or injury.

Improve your technique with Technogym

In the cold season, however, indoor training guarantees excellent results and allows you to refine your training sessions in a scientific way: winter is the perfect time to improve your performance and technique. Perfect for continuing to train at very low temperatures is MYRUN by Technogym, ideal for home training and designed by runners for all running enthusiasts. The minimalist design is complemented by technology: by enabling the Bluetooth connection on the tablet and positioning it on the display, it's possible to access the MYRUN App and obtain customisation of the programmes and immediate feedback on the running technique.

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