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New WHO guidelines: regular exercise among the essential things to feel good

Now more that ever health has risen to the top of the list of priorities for all of us! And along with health comes regular exercise, the essential condition for physical and mental well-being. During the 2020s we have seen an unprecedented acceleration in the awareness of how much physical activity impacts on people's wellness.

Exercise is now high on our list of priorities because we know how much physical activity can be a valuable ally to prevent many diseases and make our bodies stronger and more resistant, preventing risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. "Healthy people, healthy planet" is the motto of Technogym, which for over 35 years has been committed to promoting Wellness, a lifestyle based on regular physical activity, a balanced diet and a positive mental approach: a style that found its roots in the mens sana in corpore sano of the Romans.
A lifestyle that is also recommended by the World Health Organization, which has just released its “2020 guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour”. These ones replace the 2010 recommendations and some chapters referto specific population groups: from pregnant and post-pregnancy women to osteoporosis sufferers and fall prevention in the elderly. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle for more than ten hours a day, for example, run a higher risk of health problems and premature death than those who are more active. This is also supported by a research study published in a special issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, based on the World Health Organisation's new guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour. The study shows that 30 to 40 minutes of activity per day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer and diabetes.

The new WHO guidelines

The new guidelines emphasise even more strongly than those drawn up in 2010 the importance of adopting positive behaviours in daily routines, of valuing physical activity as a necessary ingredient for personal health. The whole world has become aware of this, particularly during these recent months of pandemic and subsequent lockdown periods, and how on a large scale the adoption of a widespread active and healthy lifestyle is good for society.
The guidelines for adults from 16 years old and over include strong evidence-based suggestions for recommended weekly volumes of aerobic and muscle-strengthening physical activity to improve one's health and well-being. Many of the benefits of physical activity are obtained within average weekly volumes of 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity or 75-150 of vigorous intensity. The recommended weekly range of aerobic activity marks a difference from the 2010 WHO recommendations, which specified only minimum weekly thresholds.

Moderate intensity is defined as activity that is strenuous enough to burn three to six times more energy per minute than in the rest time, such as fast paced walking. Vigorous activity (cycling, running...) burns more than six times the calories spent when resting.

The guidelines also emphasise the importance for all ages of regular muscle-strengthening exercise sessions. In addition to aerobic activity, strengthening muscles two or more days a week maintains high levels of well-being and prevents bone disorders and diseases such as osteoporosis and rheumatic problems. For the elderly, especially those with poor mobility, physical activity to strengthen balance and strength training is recommended to improve functional capacity and prevent falls.

These guidelines will be used to inform national health policies in line with the WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030 and to strengthen supervisory systems that monitor progress towards national and global goals. Technogym strongly supports these ideas and, thanks to its wide ranges of products, is able to help people of all age groups perform aerobic and anaerobic activity. Around the world, 50 million people train with Technogym every day in 80,000 wellness centres and 400,000 private homes.


Technogym Bike offers you at home, at a hotel, at the club or at work, live or on demand indoor cycling classes run by the most sought-after fitness trainers from fitness studios in different cities around the world. From the Technogym Bike console, you can choose your favourite channel – based on trainer, music and duration – and join live classes or select the ones available from the comprehensive on-demand library.
MyCycling the most advanced synthesis of knowledge and scientific research in the field of cycling training and its performance tracking. The TNT - Technogym Neuromuscular Training, is the result of the collaboration of Technogym's Medical Scientific Research Department with the best athletes, coaches, physiologists and athletic trainers in the world, with the aim of improving metabolic and neuromuscular characteristics.
Skillbike the revolutionary stationary bike that enables cyclists, triathletes and cycling enthusiasts to live the emotion and challenge of outdoor experiences in an indoor environment. The Real Gear Shift patent that allows users to replicate the dynamics of hill riding. By shifting gears, riders can counter the change in resistance and maintain the correct power and cadence for the maximum efficiency, while the console displays the gear ratio selections in real time.


Myrun is the treadmill designed to provide you with the best in terms of performance, great personalized training programs tailor made on your needs and objectives and top level entertainment.  Myrun’s minimal, elegant, and compact design makes it the perfect solution for any space and interior design, and the dedicated app allows you to improve your running technique.
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Functional strength training

Technogym Bench is the new functional training station - has been designed to combine maximum exercise variety with minimum footprint by enabling you to perform the largest range of exercises for resistance, strength, and core training in a very limited space, thanks to its innovative design and enclosed tools.
All the tools you need are rationally stored in dedicated spaces within the training station. Exercise options include the possibility to combine weights, elastic bands, dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat to empower you to perform endless total body workouts.

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