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Wellness Valley: Romagna is the Italian region with the most active population

  • In Romagna, only 13% of the population is sedentary compared to a national average of 28%
  • 29% of the population uses a bicycle for daily travel against a national figure of 11%. 51% of the inhabitants of Romagna walk daily against a national average of 40%.
  • 40% of doctors in Romagna prescribe physical activity as a medicine, compared to an average of 30% recorded for Italian doctors.
  • Population at risk of disability due to chronic diseases: Romagna 10.2% against a national figure of 20.8%
  • In Romagna, the number of companies operating in the wellness sector increased by 12%, in contrast with the total number of companies, which is down by 7%

Wellness Valley Project

For over 15 years Wellness Foundation, the non-profit foundation of Nerio Alessandri, founder of Technogym - has been promoting the Wellness Valley project to create in Romagna the first wellness and quality of life district in the world.
Wellness Valley has involved all local stakeholders: Public Administrations, schools, universities, the health system, companies and the tourism sector. After 15 years, Wellness Valley is now consolidated reality with more than 70 on-going projects (from activities for the promotion of physical exercise in schools, to wellness tourist packages on the coast of Romagna, to programs with general practitioners for the prescription of physical exercise for certain diseases, to programs of physical activity in parks for the elderly, to name just a few).

The results of Wellness Valley Report

On the occasion of the opening of Wellness Week - one of the key events for Wellness Valley that will include over 300 events inspired by wellness, health and sport throughout the territory of Romagna - Wellness Foundation will divulge the results of the Wellness Valley Report - developed by independent Observers including the Emilia Romagna Region, University of Bologna, Unioncamere Emilia Romagna and APT Emilia Romagna - which demonstrates the concrete impact of the Wellness Valley project on the health of the population of Romagna.
Nerio Alessandri, President of the Wellness Foundation has declared: “Wellness represents a great opportunity for all stakeholders: Governments, Companies and Citizens. Starting from Technogym’s corporate social responsibility, our international experience in the fitness and wellness industry and our unique digital ecosystem, for the last 15 years we have been promoting the Wellness Valley project. Wellness Valley is a tangible example of this vision and now this is confirmed by concrete data. We are grateful to all Wellness Valley actors - public administrations, schools, companies, associations, citizens - who believe in this idea every day and work to create in Romagna, our region, the first example of well-being and quality of life district in the world. A pilot project, which can be extended to the whole country, to make Italy the first producer of wellness in the world”.

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