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The Fore Studio in London launches SKILLMILL experience

Fitness visionaries the Fore have opened a brand new concept in thriving Kings Cross with a class concept featuring SKILLMILL central to its offering. The Fore - the boutique brainchild of Hannah Lanel – opened its doors in February 2019 in order to bring the UK’s first and only truly integrated approach to health and fitness to the market.

Fast growth for unique fitness concept

"The first three years at our West London studio were incredible,” says Hannah. “We trained celebrities, royalty, and pro athletes. The brand has exploded and people love what we offer. Our flagship class in West London was an 11-person functional class and we soon outgrew a single studio, thanks to awareness, customer retention, and word-of-mouth recommendation”. The journey to the new London studio began in 2018, but the team also wanted to launch a new class concept.

A new class concept and a second studio

My former business partner was scrolling Instagram and saw a video of the Technogym Skillmill,” explains Hannah “I immediately knew we needed it in our new class. This was proper posterior chain running. I had never seen anything like it - and I still haven’t!
They worked on the new class concept for two years, by which time the stunning King’s Cross studio was ready to open its doors. It is an incredible destination for functional fitness and wellness - 5,500q ft, over two floors, offering PT and the new signature class concept, plus access to leading alternative practitioners, a shared workspace, cafe, juice bar, smoothie bar, retail area, and workshop space for events and pop-ups.

Classes have two trainers per class, to deliver a personalised experience and to check form and technique. This is just one of the industry-firsts at the heart of The Fore’s offering.

Keeping customers at the heart of the boutique experience

Boutique is huge, and offers customers a lot of choice and variety,” says Hannah. “But with that comes the risk of a depersonalised experience, where the customer feels like a number. We have always set out to offer the complete opposite to this. We treat customers as individuals. You’ll be greeted by name, but we’ll also remember how your most recent class went. We’ll know about past injuries and any aches and pains. Our classes focus on the way the client moves, and we progress them from there. Nobody else has two trainers per class, with one devoted to correcting customers’ form.” This highly personalised experience has led to rapid growth and a loyal following for the brand.

We fix people, and this creates clients for life. Our level of care and service breeds loyalty and community. People just want to be recognised, and that’s what we do.

Driven by a belief that people deserve to have their faith rewarded and see their hard work pay off, The Fore gets the best out of their clients by treating them as more than a sum of their parts. Early in her journey, Hannah identified four pillars of wellness around which she wanted to build the brand: physical, emotional, social and intellectual.
We deliver an inclusive and enriching shared experience that helps people get fit for life by making access to every day wellness so compelling that it simply becomes a way of life - explains Hannah. - We break down barriers to exercise and get people moving properly. They get fit fast, and the strength this brings gives them confidence and peace of mind. This intelligent training means people quickly come to know about training frequency, intensity, and functional fitness.

SKILLMILL helps creates new class concept

The Fore’s larger London studio has enabled the brand to roll out an all-new class concept, using bodyweight training and Technogym SKILLMILL.

This combination allows us to train people through resisted rotation and proper posterior chain running - says Hannah - We designed the class so people understand the key elements of each move. They learn about individual patterns of movement, and can apply it to how they move in everyday life.

When I saw Skillmill I was blown away by the quality of the movement, - she says - The long, steep curve means you run with a natural stride, using your glutes, hamstrings, and calves to drive the belt underneath you. You are actively running against resistance and this trains your true running style. It’s completely different to a normal treadmill.

The Fore’s clients are enjoying their new kit, too. They love the Skillmill’s versatility in class, including team sprints which build unbelievable camaraderie. They have a lot of fun with it, and feel the benefits.
Customer feedback has been amazing for every aspect of The Fore’s new class and new studio.

They absolutely love our new venue - says Hannah - but the class is the real crowd-pleaser. Our customers say they feel like kings and queens here, from the welcome they receive to the attention and of course the two trainers per class. And their results speak volumes. Once you train this way - with rotation, body weight, and resistance running - you will build a better body. We are helping people achieve what they once thought impossible. And that gives them confidence and self-esteem.

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