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Technogym's MYCYCLING is compatible with ZWIFT

The bike teaches you what fatigue is, what it means to get on and off, not only from the mountains but also in fortunes and sorrows, teaches you to live. Cycling is a long journey in search of oneself.
Ivan Basso

Cycling is an intimate sport, you are alone with your bicycle and almost one with it. But it is in comparison with others that we can really get to know each other better and understand our limits, perhaps even having fun.

For this reason, indoor training with MYCYCLING, the innovative Technogym solution for cyclists, becomes even more compelling and engaging thanks to its compatibility with the online platform Zwift.

Group races are the heart of the Zwift experience. You can choose from hundreds of events - from the softest cycling rallies to high energy competitions. Whatever your level, you can find a suitable group to ride in real time.

Most group races are run by a leader, who stimulates and motivates the participants. You pedal with your friends but also athletes and personalities from all over the world.

With MYCYCLING and Zwift, we can experience an immersive, fun and varied workout experience. Each time we can choose to pedal in a different place thanks to the wide selection of virtual scenarios and we can customize the route making it more or less challenging.

Just enable MYCYCLING interaction with Zwift through the app. After that all you need to do is train and have fun challenging other cyclists online, accessing a digital journey full of maps, routes and competitive challenges.

MYCYCLING combines a highly technological smart trainer, a dedicated app, customised routines and a professional coach network that can follow your progress and develop a training program tailored to your needs.

The core feature of this product is the electromechanical brake, designed to control every second in the saddle with the greatest precision. MYCYCLING is also equipped with a torque sensor that measures your power directly, to an accuracy of ± 1%. The flywheel has been designed to ensure a natural pedalling movement and elicit the same feeling of inertia that is felt when riding on the road.


With the dedicated MYCYCLING app you can:  

    • Train with Technogym Neuromuscular Training (TNT)

TNT combines the knowledge and experience of Technogym's Scientific and Medical Research Centre and the best athletes, coaches, physiologists and trainers in the world. The program, based on your own anaerobic threshold level, aims at improving your metabolic and neuromuscular characteristics. It is divided into three phases that cover a period of 18 weeks: construction, development and finishing. Each stage consists of 6 blocks with 3 sessions per week.

    • Rely on a Technogym Certified Coach 

Thanks to the dedicated app, a professional trainer of your
choice will be available for you at all times and will
create your personalised training plan.

  • Test the new training programs and select the one that best suits your needs from a wide range of proposals designed by Technogym's professional athletes and
  • Perfect your pedalling efficiency

The innovative pedalling analysis system, Pedal Printing, gives you constant real-time feedback on the symmetry and roundness of each pedal stroke throughout your training session.

  • Improve your anaerobic threshold

Before starting each program available on the MYCYCLING App and at the end of each stage of Technogym Neuromuscolar Training, the system recommends taking a new anaerobic threshold measurement test. Updating your threshold values will help you assess your progress, and will also help your Coach plan your next sessions.

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