Technogym: Wellness combined with sustainability

Wellness has always represented Technogym's inspiring philosophy, that applies not only to business but also reflects the company's social commitment to proposing a more sustainable development model based on people's health. Wellness and people health goes hand in hand with the pursuit of environmental sustainability: working for an healthy planet is a fundamental condition to ensure people’s health.

The Technogym Village, a world-unique example of wellness campus, that includes Technogym’s headquarters, research center and factory is a point of reference for sustainability: it has been conceived and designed, on the one hand, to offer employees  a unique workplace experience and on the other hand to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

Inaugurated in 2012, the Technogym Village reflects the wellness vision of President Nerio Alessandri and Vice President Pierluigi Alessandri who, in collaboration with architect Antonio Citterio, have conceptualized a place where lifestyle, quality, design and productivity meet. The Campus, that occupies an area of over 60,000 m² within a 150,000 m² site and comprises a cultural centre, an innovation lab and a production centre where employees, customers, suppliers and guests alike from all over the world can live first-hand the true experience of Wellness.
The Technogym Village has been conceived to follow both eco-sustainability and bio-architecture. Every cubic metre of land, in fact, has been recovered from the initial excavations to create a natural barrier that extends for about 800 metres, parallel to the highway. This offers two main advantages: a visual one, since the sinuous shape is in line with the roof line of the building, and a practical one, because it acts as a soundproofing partition.
When it comes to the structure mainly made in wood and glass, there are countless details that make the difference. Firstly, its excellent thermal insulation ensures cool working areas during summer and warm ones in winter, in order to minimize power consumption for heating and cooling. Furthermore, the building is oriented to follow the sun’s path, from dawn to sunset, in order to maximize natural lighting to the building and minimize electric consumption.

The air conditioning system represents a real excellence: Technogym’s production plant in among the few factories in Europe fitted with an air-conditioning system. In order to minimize the impact, the built-in heat transfer system ensures constant air exchange and contributes to naturally reduce temperatures in summer and require less air-conditioning consumption to keep a given temperature.

Beside Technogym Village design, Technogym’s sustainability commitment includes a number of actions to generate a real change. Some examples:

  • In terms of energy, the consumptions of Technogym are only for heating, air conditioning, lighting, and the running of electronic equipment. Although not classified as an energy-intensive company, has always been committed to energy saving initiatives. Technogym conducted 2 energy diagnosis exercises in 2015 and 2018 completing also the procedure for ISO 50001 certification purposes.
  • Waste Management - Technogym pays particular attention to regular monitoring and constantly improving to reduce waste, maximizing the use of recyclable components in its packaging for example.
  • Technogym “I am Green” is another initiative to reduce plastic and foster a strong awareness among staff, through correct waste disposal.
  • On the products side, Technogym’s catalogue contains various self-powered machines not connected to mains electricity. Group’s Circular Economy is also enhanced by Technogym’s Refurbish service, to give a second chance to products at the end of their first life cycle. As a result of this process, 51% of eligible machines were refurbished in 2019.

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