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Technogym is the official sponsor of the Florence Marathon

The 42 kilometres and 195 metres of the Florence Marathon are not just a sporting event. The marathon, which has been taking place since 1984 on the last Sunday of November, is a real event. The 2016 edition saw nine thousand runners taking part for the fifth consecutive year and for the eighth time in the events’ history.

Sunday, November 26,2017 will be the 34th edition of Florence Marathon. Included in the official calendar of international marathons, AIMS certified and recognized by IAAF, the Florentine marathon is among the top 20 in the world for number of participants and quality. Departure and arrival will be right in the heart of the city, in Piazza Duomo. The route will wind through the most fascinating places in Florence, such as Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza Pitti and many other buildings rich in history and prestige. Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Santa Maria Novella will be used as support services to runners.

Technogym will be the official sponsor of the most important road race in the Tuscan capital. It will be present with products and training programs dedicated to athletic preparation before the race. The feature product to meet this challenge will be the MYRUN treadmill.

Florence Marathon and its city

Florence Marathon is not easily forgettable.

Perhaps because those who participate in the event breathe in an atmosphere that is steeped in history and culture or it might be because the monuments we run past are unforgettable when the adrenaline kicks in. One thing is for sure: that the thousands of runners who venture into this Marathon are surrounded by unique landscapes.
It is also a rather fluid and smooth route, because it is paved and free of unevenness which adds to the enjoyment.

At Florence Marathon, there are no intermediate or short distances to participate in. The ten thousand marathon runners will therefore have to complete the 42km challenge only. In addition to glory and prestige, the finishers receive a medal and shirt, both characterized by the "graphics" of the Florentine skyline.

Florence Marathon has also had its difficulties. The Florentines had to overcome the initial distrust towards the race. Today though, they are excited and proud to host such a prestigious event. And this must have contributed to positioning it as the second favourite marathon in Italy, for number of participants, after the one in Rome.

The fact remains that the Florence Marathon route is immersed in monuments of timeless beauty which makes it truly one of a kind. Piazza del Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio and Santa Croce have been involved in the 33 editions of the race and the Lilium City is proud to host one of the most beautiful races in the world.

The origin of the most important road race

Explaining the Marathon in a few lines is quite difficult. Just as it is right and proper to underline its historical importance, it is also fascinating.
The longest Olympic road race (42.195 km) after the march takes its name from a location in southern Greece.
Just in the plain of Marathon, just over 40 km from Athens, which in 490 BC an important battle was fought between Athenians and Persians.

In this context, Herodotus tells us of Filippide. As an emissary of Athenian generals and politicians, the hemerodrome transmitted the messages running for miles. These messengers had to be well trained in order to carry out this mission. They had to be able to travel about 100 km in less than eight hours. In addition, almost always on rugged and wild terrain,

Filippide walked along the stretch from Marathon to Athens to announce the victory of the Athenians over the Persians. But he died immediately after arriving at his destination, from over exertion. In fact, a few days earlier, the poor emissary had raced from Athens to Sparta and returned to seek help from the Spartans. A total of 500 km in less than 48 hours. An inhuman effort that cost him his life, but helped the Athenians to win.

Over the centuries, there have been races of even more than 42 kilometers but this time in stages. For example, in the 18th century, Foster Powell ran far and wide for England, covering more than 600 km with stops, despite being 60 years of age. The marathon however, has remained the queen of long-distance races and the true marathon, in its most modern sense, is located in 1896, the year of the first modern Olympics, in which the race test of about 40 km was included.
And in honour of Filippide and the famous battle, it was called a marathon. It is no coincidence that the marathon route follows the distance between the Marathon Bridge and Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens.

Interestingly: the only Italian participant, Carlo Airoldi, had gone from Milan to Athens on foot. Airoldi was disqualified because he was accused of already being a professional, having  raced 50 km races several times. Of the other participants, in fact, no one had ever travelled such a long distance several times.

The race was won by a 23 year old Greek athlete, Spiridon Louis with a time of 2h58:50.  To make a modern day comparison, let's consider that at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Kenyan Kipchoge won in 2h08:44

Pictures of MYRUN TECHNOGYM during the last edition


Technogym's MYRUN is the essential and elegantly designed home treadmill by runners for running lovers. It’s main features include being quiet even at 20km/h, with a minimum space footprint, which can be activated with just one button. Its assembly is also simple and fast: only 5 minutes of assembly are required to be up and running. Its dimensions, 176 centimetres long and 78.5 centimeters wide, allow the MYRUN to be placed anywhere, even in small spaces. The compact dimensions do not compromise the running surface and comfort of movement..

Technogym, has designed in addition to the product, a dedicated app. The MYRUN App allows you to create training programs tailored to your physical fitness or specific goals. You can download the app to your smartphone or tablet, place it on MYRUN's media and start your workout. Some of the app's features make running more efficient and fun. Thanks to the running rate index, you can improve your ride. Through the running music function, the songs that best suit the running rhythm of your run  will be selected directly from the playlist contained in the device.

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