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Technogym supports the finalists of the Ski World Cup Andorra with Group Cycle

Technogym will be at the FIS Ski World Cup men and women’s finals 2019 in Andorra from March 11 to 17. The Ski World Cup takes place annually and it is among the most important circuits for alpine ski competitions. At the venue, Technogym will locate four Group Cycle stationary bikes, the most innovative training product dedicated to indoor cycling, and will support all competitors taking part to the finals in their indoor training.
Whether you are at home or in a group class environment, Group Cycle is the cardio indoor bike training solution that allows you to manage your workout in a totally personalized way, according to your performance’s needs. Group Cycle Connect is the best solution for indoor cycling training in terms of both performance and interactivity, allowing you to keep track of important cycling metrics, like pedalling power (expressed in WATTS), heart rate, cadence and calorie consumption.

Nonetheless, the best way to experience Group Cycle is in a Group Cycle Class. In fact, when connected to the Mywellness platform, each Group Cycle gathers and combines all training information of the class, enabling you to compare your performance with the other participants on the class screen in real time.

Tips for an effective alpine ski workout session

The ideal alpine ski indoor workout starts with 5 or 10 minutes of cardio training on a bike or treadmill; it then continues with exercises with very low-load such as front squats with handlebars. At a later stage it will be possible to increase the intensity by moving from a full squat to a unilateral squat.
The squat is the best lower body strength exercises but it’s important to perform the movement perfectly. By choosing a weight that you are comfortable with, repeat the movement 12-15 times in one or two sets. Over time, you can gradually increase the weight lift, reducing the number of repetitions down to 10, but increasing the number of sets to 3. The second basic movement that we suggest is the lunge with the handlebars. Also for this exercise, a perfect technique is essential in order to improve hips and legs stability.
In addition, it is important to train the core muscles, consisting of abdominals and lower back. These muscles provide essential support when performing particular static contractions such as those of a ski performance. Maintaining specific positions for 30-45 seconds is especially effective, especially as you can train to hold these contractions for a longer period than those generally required in a skiing competition.

While skiing, it is often necessary to generate strength in areas where the vertebral column rotates relative to the pelvis. That is why it is important to do rotational exercises with an extra load in a controlled manner, keeping your trunk straight. It is also important to train the explosive force - the ability of our neuromuscular system to express high strength gradients in the shortest possible time. Among the easiest exercises to do there are bodyweight jumps, as well as squat jumps with a barbell and sprints with a sleigh.

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