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Technogym partners with RowingWOD to showcase SKILLROW

Technogym collaborated with RowingWOD for lululemon London’s Sweatlife festival at the Tobacco Dock, London on July 22nd 2017. Showcasing the very best of wellness in London and bringing together industry experts from areas such as yoga, boxing, bootcamp and spin. The day promised to supercharge endorphins and inspire those looking to indulge in or find a new fitness passion.


lululemon and technogym

From Crossfit to SKILLROW, new rowing machine

RowingWOD was originally founded as a training programme for CrossFitters and since their launch in 2015, their rowing community has expanded to include athletes who want to improve their fitness and increase performance to competitors aiming to be the at the top of their sport.

Using their training methodology, participants that attended Sweatlife were given the opportunity to train on SKILLROW, Technogym’s latest product innovation and rowing machine offering. Thanks to SKILLROW’s innovative MULTIDRIVE technology, class attendees were able to experience the quick switch function from traditional rowing with air resistance, to magnetic resistance for rep-based power training. Moreover, SKILLROW's connected app technology allowed users the chance to row together in total synchronicity as a real crew offering a totally new kind of motivation that meant rowing for themselves but also for their squad.

Former Olympian, Cameron Nichol, who combined high intensity rowing with technical drills, power strokes and body weight exercises, gave participants a workout to remember on SKILLROW. As any rowing enthusiast will know, rowing can be one of the most physiologically demanding workouts to perform. The assumption that rowing only works on the upper body is mis-leading and the correct technique actually stimulates muscles from the enitre body.

  • Starting with a strong leg push that moves into the quads, hamstrings and glutes is driven by an extension from your knees and hips.
  • The power is then transferred to your back, upper body, abs, obliques and lower spine to trigger stability from the mid-section that drives backwards, which works the power muscles in your arms.

technogym's partner lululemon

Rowing is also set to be the next big workout thing in the world of boutique fitness. More than just a total body workout, Technogym's connected app offers those training at home or in a gym a new kind of training experience. Based on a library of programmes from goal-oriented (time, distance, pace) to interval/HIIT style training and Technogym Neuromuscular Training (TNT) programmes developed by exercise professionals.

Beginners can access a library of videos from top coaches to assist them with the correct rowing machine technique, whilst data-obsessed gym-goers will enjoy a detailed results summary through the app at the end of each session, enabling better analysis and understanding of their performance.

Check out the buzz from the sweat inducing event below!

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