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Technogym partner of "Milano Heart Week" to raise public awareness of the prevention of heart diseases

Technogym will be partner in the first edition of "Milano Heart Week", an event organized on the occasion of World Heart Day, from September 22 to 29. The initiative, conceived and promoted by IRCCS Centro Cardiologico Monzino with the patronage of the City of Milan, the Region of Lombardy, the University of Milan and the World Heart Federation, aims to inform and raise public awareness of the new possibilities of prevention of heart disease.

For doctors, the new challenge is to customize the intensity of preventive interventions, improving the ability to identify those at maximum risk of disease compared to those less susceptible to the harmful effects of more known risk factors, such as smoking, poor nutrition or poor physical activity.

Technogym with "Milano Heart Week" for research and innovation

Technogym has always been committed to research and innovation that improves people’s lives. We work to educate people about the important role physical exercise plays in actively preventing diseases and provide tailor-made solutions for all of the commonest health disorders and issues. Wellness represents a great social opportunity for all stakeholders - governments, businesses and citizens - to promote health, prevention and healthy lifestyles, fundamental elements to ensure sustainable development for the planet in the medium and long terms.

In the context of Milano Heart Week, Technogym will host in its flagship store, located in Via Durini 1, two dedicated events. On September 23, it will be possible to "test your own Wellness" with Technogym experts, who will give information on the evaluation of body composition, aerobic capacity, strength and flexibility, variables that contribute a healthy heart.

Technogym's flagship store in Milan
On September 25, Technogym will host a clinic, a panel discussion with Gianni Valenti, Deputy Director at Gazzetta dello Sport, Silvano Zanuso, Scientific Communication & Research Manager at Technogym, and Dr. Antonio Dello Russo of Centro Cardiologico Monzino IRCCS. The panellists will discuss the importance of physical activity and cardiovascular prevention for all: from champions to amateur athletes, but also for those who practice physical activity with the aim of staying fit and healthy.

"Heart diseases prevention is already a reality, but we are only at the beginning and much research remains to be done in this fascinating area - said Elena Tremoli, Scientific Director of the Cardiology Centre Monzino - but, while science is taking its course, each of us can do something for ourselves immediately. We have to take care of our global well-being and not just our health in the strict sense, because we now know many more elements that are good for our hearts. Some depend on us, like our psychological stability, while others do not, like a healthy environment. One more reason, therefore, to become citizens committed to the "common good" and to put the right pressure on the authorities to participate with us in the challenge of precision prevention."

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